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Invitations with a set of documents (with a description of where you can find on the pages of the Embassy of the Czech Republic on the Internet) must be submitted in one of Consulate of the Czech Republic, located in Russia or other cis countries, in person or by a notarized power of attorney can do it your representative. Choose to arrive in the Czech Republic need you independently. Several possibilities: air, train or car. It all depends on your ability and preferences. Decision consulate for the visa you get exactly one week after submitting a package of documents. After arriving in the Czech Republic, the hotel accommodation you will be registered with the moment of entry until departure. The flight from Moscow to Prague is almost 3 hours. The train will get 34 hours.

By car – an average of two days. In the latter case, the speed plays an important role of customs and border control, and your physical capabilities. What to see in Prague and how to get there by public transport. Sightseeing Prague recommend starting from Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. Can get there by subway on the branch marked in green to the station Mstek or tram stop Vaclavske namsti. Inspection of these attractions can be combined with "shopping" by well-known boutiques goods manufacturers. Arriving at the station on the branch, marked in red to the station Vyehrad you can visit the old Bohemian settlement: Vysehrad Castle with stunning views of the Vltava River and one of the Czech churches "St.

In February 1944 a dozen Boeing B-17 flew from a military base in southern Italy, to attack the railway junction in Verona. During the impressive size and firepower, these aircraft during the war, called – 'Forts'. This morning, attacking link 'fortresses', escorting several squadrons of fighter planes. Pilot of one of Boeing, was a pilot Frank Chaplik. On the way to Verona, 'fortress' suffered violent attacks of German fighters. Plane Chaplik got a few holes and was cut off from the main Allied forces. Among the crew there were dead and wounded. And soon the 'fortress' in general has lost the opportunity to defend against the onslaught of the enemy, because they were all killed gunners and machine-gun turret is damaged.

In addition to all the trouble, one of the engines failed. Frank Chaplik took probably the only right decision at the time – to flee. B-17 headed toward the Corsica, to land at the airport of Calvi. In July 2007, a small motor boat came out of the marina Italian yacht club and headed to the port of Calvi. On board the yacht five divers.

Their goal – finding and photographing of objects times World War ii, sunk in the Mediterranean Sea Luck is not in a hurry to the pilot of the rescue. After a risky trip to the island, Frank is aware that the runway airport is too short for his plane. Having made several attempts to get into the lane ended in failure, Chaplik decides to land the plane on the water.

Clearly, the era of individual board in Copan passed. Therefore Yaks Paz, following the famous motto – "Sharing a better authority than the head '- part of the royal authority gave way to their own brothers, as well as several top dignitaries. True, he was still full of ambition, was planning an extensive construction. Thus, according to his command has been built very artsy 'temple-11', but in his reign, even representatives of estates Scribes – an unprecedented thing! – Began to establish the stele in his honor. Such courage is not just the lower classes marked the crisis – it is indicative of growing rapidly decay power. River Valley has long been built up palaces and temples. The peasants who grow maize, have long been relegated to the hillsides, now completely covered with fields.

What could they do? It has long been – once again repeat this dismal word – the entire forest on the slopes was ruthlessly cut down. Soil erosion was no longer keep agriculture face a severe crisis. Meanwhile, the population grew steadily, but the feed it becomes increasingly difficult. On top of all the troubles Apparently, there was a religious division, sharply divided the powerful and the commoners. End of the city's history clearly documented. Stone Yaks Paz sits on the altar in front of the last ruler of Copan, Y Keith current. On monument erected in honor of the inauguration, the date: February 822 ad b This – the last date that is listed in the history of Copan. On the reverse side of the statue of the artist began to cut a relief – it remained unfinished.

'The reason sudden disaster – the diagnosis Nikolai Grube – could be an epidemic, but most likely the case in some social upheavals: it may be, there was a rebellion. Sure, there was a kind of rapid violent denouement. She ended the dynasty of the kings of Copan. " Yes, his soul will rest in the vapors of mercury! Excavations in the Copan continues. In 1997 it was reported that under a pink-purple temple moles of Archaeology found the most ancient temple city of Copan. In it, as suggested by scientists, is the tomb of the founder of the dynasty – Yaks Cook 'Mo. However, to approach it was not easy: it turned out that the dumping is filled to the brim with very toxic substance – mercury. And yet, dressed in protective suits, the scientists uncovered the tomb flooded with mercury. Again a surprise: They found the remains of women, not men. Perhaps it is the wife of the founder of the dynasty? Soon, under its remains found a new grave. It was buried a man. Everything indicates that the deceased were provided with very high honors. Really really found a place of rest the first king?