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The educational system has evolved thanks to studies at a distance that has benefited many people, however, is not accessible to all. In these globalized times framed by technology, society looks for alternatives to survive in a world of crisis and competitiveness, the evolution has turned to teaching online at an option that has led education to people who, in decades ago, would have been almost impossible. Online studies is a system that began to have popularity in the business sector, with the need that their employees were always trained and updated, so helping technology achieved an ideal model which does not influence on the job responsibilities of the productive force. How are online courses? Depending on times and courses that we have chosen, studies in line have a system very similar among themselves. Is carried out through an Internet portal where opens an account in which the student receives his lessons, in the same way, all the both technical and academic doubts are resolved through emails and discussion forums. Sometimes there are citations identified to conduct chat sessions, where both the teacher and the other students can clear doubts automatically with respect to assignments. Certain requirements are requested for this type of teaching, some have requirements academics but what is a general rule are technical specifications, these encompass a whole series of requirements that must have the computer on which it will be studied, as well as some programs or software that are necessary for the development of the system, and of course, connection to the Internet. Who can study online? If you meet the requirements, all. This system of education has benefited students from all levels, some universities have implemented the diplomas online as method of titling; in a large number of companies has offered their employees training by this means, while some people who left his unfinished studies they can’t finish their training, even who ended his professional career seeking these courses online as a resource for his postgraduate studies (master’s degrees, doctorates, specializations, diplomas virtual, etc.) which conform to their schedules.

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Guatemala is located in Central America in the South and the East of Mexico, West of Belize and Northwest of El Salvador and Honduras.The country is full of ecotourism with sites like tropical jungles, active volcanoes, cloud forests, beaches, reefs of coral, and lakes, as well as archaeological wonders as the ancient ruins of Mayan culture. There is even a village that still adheres to the pre-hispanos rituals and beliefs called Chichicastenango, which is also home to a famous market. Guatemala has become one of the places safer in recent years, as a result of the increased police presence in order to protect the tourists. For this reason and many things more is that many people decide to perform aesthetic tourism there. In comparison with other Latin American countries, Guatemala is a newcomer to the aesthetic tourism industry. However, what is missing in the story definitely compensates with the quality of care, and technology, with the help of millions of dollars invested in its medical infrastructure. All Guatemala has world-class hospitals and clinics that cater to medical tourists at a fraction of very low cost compared with the high costs that offers aesthetic tourism in the United States.UU. The most popular procedures sought by aesthetic tourism in Guatemala include: liposuction, rhinoplasty, stretching facial and breast implants. There you will find the best medical care and places of great tourist visit which you can not miss. Original author and source of the article

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome? Has become several types of tests to determine which is the disease that suffers and the doctors extensively any? Many people who previously enjoyed good health, are suddenly with u health uncomfortable. This state of health uncomfortable, associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, suggests some people mad, are becoming because diagnostics indicate that they do not suffer from nothing, which enjoys excellent health. But they feel badly, feel sick in some way. But, what is chronic fatigue syndrome? Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease that is not caused directly by other diseases and is a condition of severe and prolonged exhaustion (fatigue) that is not relieved with rest or fatigue. Causes, incidence, and risk factors the exact cause of the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is unknown. Some researchers suspect that it could be caused by a virus or virus Epstein-Barr (EBV) virus of the Human herpes type 6 (HHV-6).

However, no specific virus as the cause has been identified. Studies suggest that chronic fatigue syndrome may be caused by inflammation along the nervous system, and that this inflammation may be a kind of immune response or process. Other factors such as age, prior illness, stress, environment or genetics may also play a role. This syndrome occurs most often in women aged 30 to 50. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) describe the chronic fatigue syndrome as a different disorder with symptoms and specific physical signs, based on the discarding of other possible causes. The number of people affected by this syndrome is unknown.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is diagnosed once the doctor ruled out other possible causes of fatigue, such as: drug dependence autoimmune disorders or immune infections diseases neurological or muscle (such as sclerosis multiple) endocrine diseases (such as hypothyroidism) other diseases (such as heart disease, Nephropathies or liver disease) psychiatric or psychological illnesses particularly depression tumors symptoms the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are similar to those of most common viral diseases (muscle aches, headache, and fatigue). These appear in a matter of a few hours or days and lasting six months or more. Main symptoms: fatigue or tiredness, never experienced to such an extent before (recent-onset), that lasts at least six months and that he is not relieved with bed rest fatigue so intense that limits activities (serious fatigue develops with less than half of the disease compared with earlier effort) other symptoms: fatigue lasting more than 24 hours after making an amount of exercise that normally would be tolerated without problem not feeling rested after of having slept enough time lack of memory or other similar symptoms that include difficulty concentrating, confusion or irritability headaches of quality, gravity and pattern different from the previous pain in the joints, which often passes a joint to another (migratory arthralgias), no swelling or redness of joints sensitivity in the lymph nodes in the neck or armpit mild fever (101 degrees F 38.3 C or less) muscle aches (myalgias) muscle weakness all over the body or in different partsthat is not caused by any known disorder sore throat once detected this syndrome is necessary to treat it. An easy, fast and cheap way is through the acoustics technology, which induce deep States of relaxation and cause that person begins to regenerate physically and mentally. If you used in acoustic Audio to treat the chronic fatigue, you will feel reborn to a new life full of joy, happiness and wealth. Original author and source of the article

He has Jose Luis Alvarez Fermosel in the Spanish gentleman a small anecdote that defines well Fernando Rey who died one day 16 years ago and Luis Bunuel. At the Cafe Gijon in Madrid, Fernando told that while shooting in Paris a film directed by Bunuel, accepted something annoying about fees very underneath than what they charged other fellow French actors Catherine Deneuve was among them. The actor worked until the end of the shoot this situation and when he finished Bunuel was invited to eat at a downtown Parisian restaurant. In the street the director asked her timidly: can a friend director make a small gift to a friend actor? Fernando answered in the affirmative and accepted the envelope that tended him Bunuel Le saw exiting in the rainy afternoon and when I opened the envelope, I saw that this had inside thousand dollars new banknotes of 100% with this form as Bullfighter jump to the producer, paying the difference of their own Pocket the great director was able to put the talents of Fernando Rey at the height that deserves..

If you are thinking seriously reshape your garden, terrace, balcony, if your decision has to do with stop wasting time and sour by not having a harmonious green space in your home and is determined to join as many others to enjoy the advantages of artificial turf, you must take into account that the same total value may vary according to the work and the place where it will be installed. Sale of artificial turf Best Garden are professionals and experts in everything that involves this work and especially in the advice, installation and sale of artificial turf. Variant in artificial turf may have variations depending on location which is to be applied, the extension of the land, and for this reason these two firms have advisers that not only will know advise you in the best way, taking into account their needs, but that you’re not with unpleasant economic surprises, will design a budget without charge. Anyway, you not only must keep in mind the final price for the purchase and installation of artificial turf, but also between several of the advantages that this new system, you must take into account that the spending pays for itself in two years, offering your family enjoy it for more than 15 years. It significantly reduce the expense of water, since it must not be watered and obviously does not require specialized labor for maintenance, since you can do it yourself in a short time and in a very simple way. Buy artificial turf both companies also realize interesting discounts in budgets to buy artificial turf, because factors are taken into account as a greater dimension of the ground carried out special rates, or if the field does not require prior preparation also is cheaper the final cost.

When it comes to dispose ourselves to buy the car seats for our son in the car, you must choose the model that best meets our needs according to age, weight and height of the child or baby that you intend to use. 1 Car seats for infants in their first months of age this kind of car that are made so that the newborn will go almost lying down so that it is easy to fall asleep at any time. We can place these silliatas both in the backseat in the front seats, but in the event we bring him in the passenger seat, we must bear in mind that you should put in position off the front passenger airbag, since it is a grave danger in case of shock. 2 Car seats for children when the baby now exceeds 10 kg of weight, then we can begin to use another type of chairs that are contained in the groups 1,2,y 3. The Group’s Chair that we choose, will depend on the age and weight of the child. These seats are placed in the same directional sense of progress. We can find car seats in Group 1, which will use them children from 9 to 18 kg, group 2 seats are for children more large, with weight comprised between 15 and 25 kg, and finally, chairs of Group 3 car, for the last stage, to children from 22 to 36 kg ISOFIX connectors many models of chairs used come with adapter into the base to be able to anchor Chair to the security system ISOFIX which comes standard in many cars. This system reduces up to 22% the cervical injuries in an accident.

It is easy to see him smile. Although this Thursday, in San Marino, near home, where he announced that it will leave the bikes when you finish the Championship, his sympathy joined you certain air of nostalgia. Loris Capirossi (38 years; Bologna, Italy) says goodbye: this will be my last Grand Prix in Italy and Valencia will be the last of my career, it was announced. It has been left at the gates of the hundred of podiums, but he does so much that it became stalled at number 99 – his locker is empty since mid-2008 and its best position this year was a ninth in Catalonia, which has taken the most difficult decision of his career after 324 Grands Prix and 29 victories in 22 seasons. Capirossi, three times world champion (two in 125cc, in 1990 and 1991; and 250cc in 1998), still hold the honor of being the youngest driver to win a title. He did so at 17 years old. Today is MotoGP veteran. Source of the news:: the grandfather of MotoGP announces his goodbye.

The project is budgeted at about 6.5 billion euros. OHL, Cobra (ACS), Renfe, Adif, Copasa, Dimetronic, Indra and Talgo are among the dozen companies forming the group. The Saudi authorities have already communicated its decision to the Spanish Government, in the absence of finalizing some technical details. A group of Spanish companies is emerging as the final successful bidder for the project of construction of the line of high speed (AVE) between Mecca and Medina (Saudi Arabia), a mega-budgeted project in about 6,500 million euros. The Spanish Government has already received a letter of intent from Saudi authorities that they communicate their intention to award a contract, whereby babers is a consortium of French companies, according to sources of the Spanish Consortium to the Spanish group. The Spanish group is composed of a dozen companies, including OHL, Cobra (ACS), Renfe, Adif, Copasa, Dimetronic, Indra and Talgo.

The latter would be responsible supply trains that would circulate through the corridor. According to the same sources, the final award of the project will occur shortly, as soon as the technical fringes of the offer submitted will close. It is a global project ranging from the construction of the platform of the line, about 450 kilometers in length, to the installation of its superstructure (signalling, electrification, telecommunications and security systems), in addition to the supply of the AVE trains and the subsequent maintenance of the corridor. The long journey of the bird of the desert with the awarding of the so-called bird of the desert would end the process of public competition, the Government of the country launched a few years ago, and why business consortiums around the world, another French, one Spanish and two finalists were selected from among those who were interested. In addition, the achievement of this historic project would be an important step in the strategy of internationalization of the bird that promotes the Spanish Government along with the companies under high speed Spanish brand. Within the framework of this strategy numerous countries from all continents have traveled to Spain to learn first hand the AVE, between which it emphasizes United States. The administration of Barack Obama has publicly praised the system of high-speed Spanish and his Secretary of transportation, Ray LHood, has traveled twice to Spain to see it first hand. Currently, Spanish technicians collaborate in development in California that would be first bird of United States.