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Thermometers will experience increases both Saturday as Sunday. The little clear or cloudy skies will prevail. The wind will blow strong in the Strait. A very warm, from the North of Africa air mass will cause a wave of heat in all Spain during this weekend and early next week, when they will achieve and even surpass 40 degrees Celsius, according to the Agencia Estatal de Meteorologia (AEMET). Thus, AEMET, Angel Rivera, spokesman explained that heat wave coupled with a large anticyclonic Ridge height will result in clear skies and long solar heating and will go across the Peninsula from Saturday to Monday. As indicated above, this situation will affect, above all, the peninsular West, downtown, the Valley of the Ebro and the Eastern Cantabrian and that will extend from the Friday afternoon starting from the west peninsular until Monday afternoon, when the arrival of an air fresher is expected from the Northwest. On Tuesday, this decline is It will extend to the other areas. Specifically, he pointed out that this very warm air mass will lead to a general and gradual rise of temperatures, with more intense hikes in the northern half and particularly in the Northwest and some children in the South and Mediterranean coast.

Thus, noted on Saturday is expected to reach temperatures of between 36 and 39 degrees Celsius in the interior of Galicia, West of Castilla y Leon and in the valleys of the Tagus, the Guadiana and the Guadalquivir. He has also added that thermometers will continue climbing on Sunday, either light or moderate (2 to 6 degrees Celsius in the northern half) and a slight (2 degrees Celsius) in the rest of the zones, reaching 38 or 40 degrees Celsius in many parts of the Western half of the country. Rivera has warned that even will be overcome locally 40 centigrade degrees in the interior of Galicia, especially in Ourense, and in the valleys of the Guadiana and the Guadalquivir. In Castilla y Leon is they will reach or exceed 36 C in the rest of Castilla y Leon, the Ebro Valley and Eastern Cantabrian. High temperatures until Monday on Monday kept the temperatures with few changes and a notable decrease in the Northwest and Cantabrian area will start from Tuesday 28 and moderate in the rest of the Western third that will be extended to the rest of the northern half and Centre Wednesday 29. In this context, Rivera points to a very high index of ultraviolet radiation (UVI) will be reached that is expected to reach or even exceed values of 11 in vast areas of the country. Already on Monday, temperatures will remain with a few changes but the 28 Tuesday will begin a very noticeable decline in thermometers, especially in the Northwest and area Cantabrica and moderate in the rest of the Western third. This falling temperatures will extend to the rest of the northern half and the downtown area on Wednesday, June 29. Source of the news: A heat wave will raise temperatures up to 40 degrees centigrade this weekend

In the remainder of the year, volumes registrations do not improve, while statistical cto in comparison with the same month of last year to bring any positive result. Private channel still shows a very negative, already 14 months of consecutive falls behavior. The descent of this channel already collects 41.2% drop, with 257.361 registrations from January to August. In the month, individuals have been enrolled 6 percent less, with a volume of 26.736 units. If this comparison conducted it to the same period of 2007, the immediately previous financial year before the crisis, the fall of individuals goes up to 60%.

In August, the companies channel registrations have reached 18.224 units, an increase of 30.4%, keeping an increase in the cumulative period of 6.5% and a total of 183.065 units. Rent channel shows in the month an increase of 4.9%, with a volume of 2.264 units, while in the January-August period, the charterers reflect a total enrollment of 127.928 units, an increase of 5.5%. Luis Valero, director general of Anfac, says this situation that the market for passenger cars in Spain followed with a strong atony and stresses that trafficking in public at dealers during the month of August has been practically non-existent, which gives an idea of the seriousness in which the sale of automobiles, one of the main indicators of consumption is.For what is left of the year are not too optimistic, because we don’t see any economic signs of recovery that allows glimpse a real improvement in volumes of registrations, add Valero. According to the President of Ganvam, Juan Antonio Sanchez Torres, is today more than ever required the implementation of a plan of scrapping which take step to a real recovery of registrations and contributes to renew vehicle park, since passenger cars of more than ten years are 42.5 per cent of the total, according to their data. Source of the news: car sales rise for the first time in 14 months

The flowers are an element that can give a beautiful look to any environment, by the great variety of its colours, its delicate aromas, among many other qualities that make them simply divine, is both the immense value that is in the flowers that they have become an element of the trade, which is passed to the topic which will be discussed in the text, the sale of flowers. The sale of flowers has become a key point for the economy of some people, that may be experts in the sale of flowers, very knowledgeable on the subject of flowers that has a vocation for flowers or who simply found in the world of the sale of the flowers because they see easy to sell so the sale of flowers for quines they have knowledge about these, usually working in florists or nurseries performing the task of selling flowers in a very formal and institutional way, its work can say is simple since they reach them customers who want to buy flowers, whether the sale of flower consists of floral arrangements that are usually to give as gifts to another person or to decorate any sector of the home that will give you a natural and very beautiful touch, another of the possible situations in which the sale of flowers, can be is concurs when a big event that may lead to the attendance of a significant number of people, among the events that lead to a big sale of flowers are marriages, in these situations as an event so special for the paraja is adorned all over the place where will be the wedding with beautiful floral arrangements that make a room feel more pleasant by the great beauty that displayed large floral arrangements, another event which involves the sale of flowers is when a woman goes to the age of fifteen.

Since in this special date always it is customary to give a beautiful and large floral embellishment to the quinceanera, plus is a party where is decorated the place with beautiful flowers that represent the beauty and purity of the woman, but the sales of flowers are not only linked to the accomplishment of events, also the situation of the sale of flowers gives much, as a matter of taste or liking a person feels on the other, in which we want to have a cute detail with the person, may also be the case that attend any special date such as a birthday, an anniversary, the day of love and friendship, among other special dates. Regarding the sale of flowers in a more informal way, by those who simply see the possibility of getting money through the sale of flowers and do not have any knowledge or vocation, can say that their work is a little more uncomfortable, because that it is in the street offering flowers, people usually perform this activity when occur special dates of great acceptanceas mother’s day, women’s day among others. So the flowers for her immense beauty are already part of the commercial chain and the sale of flowers are a means of subsistence and monetary acquisition for many people.

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Surely you’re thinking this may not be true. It carries life asking for happiness, money, freedom and everything that has been achieved is to feel prisoner, sad and without much money to fulfill their desires is so? As well, we will take a look closer at how the process of creating and how does our subconscious mind, because it’s the same thing. Everything that exists has been previously created in the mind of someone. Everything starts with a thought. A thought is energy. The energy you want to manifestartse itself.

Many thoughts in the same direction will achieve, this is something safe, any manifestation in the real world. This is the process of creation. All have been created under the same process. We use it all the time without even realizing it. When we are not aware, we are as a large part of the people and use this power to create a negative life. We have negative thoughts and produce negative results. Once we learn how to create positive thoughts, we began to get positive results in our lives. How you achieve this? Our subconscious is like our planet.

It does not interfere in what they sow. The planet does not say because I’m tired of so many carrots. Always the same thing. Now I will make squash!, the planet doesn’t say: Bah, I do not like red flowers, I will transform these roses in blue planet does not interfere. He is patient, works silently and give us exactly what we sow. And we know it! We know perfectly well that we sow. When we plant yellow flowers, we don’t expect that they flower red. When we plant roses in our garden, we do not expect to harvest onions in the spring. And yet knowing this, this is how we act in real life. Planted onions and hope rose.

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The artisan tradition of the firm and tastes and changing needs of current women form a wonderful cocktail that leads us to a collection of plug-ins of smooth lines and stylized, romantic and delicate spirit and materials and innovative and feminine textures. Shoes and handbags from Ralph Lauren party, within the proposals for the spring 2012 presented on the Ralph Lauren runway, in addition to its beautiful designs in cocktail dresses and long for party dresses, has included some beautiful designs in shoes and party bags to complement the beautiful outfits that has been proposed for the nearby 2012 events, and that clear present in these images. They are party shoes and bags of party in silver grey. In high heel shoes come in handy for the costumes in white that Ralph Lauren has presented, and clearly already know that platforms are trend this 2012 and now they can go leveraging to look, just as there is also a lovely bag in white. Let’s see.

Winter Festival autumn shoes collection 2011 2012 Menbur consists of 4 lines of models, each of them with a wide range of colours:-Boudoir: the most romantic of all the lines for the delicate spirit of their materials. The chantilly lace or guipure plumetti tulle appear combined with Rhinestones applications, grounds in Rhinestones, sequins or embroidered flowers. And for most special nights include designs with bright glitter, like Blum, one of my favorite model. -Luxe: Shoes jewel with rich ornamentation in precious stones, waterfalls of paillettes, maxi ornaments in Diamante and above all made in rich and worked materials as Brocade velvet. Difficult choice between as impressive as Mussey model or the Fairbanks model designs. I’ll stick with the two! -Brillance: Made of bright and dynamic fabrics which provide lightness, subtlety and femininity. Where the glitter is also used to give a unique touch of sophistication to the shoes.

-Minimal: Designs that by his own essence based its beauty in the simplicity of lines and sparse use of ornaments. Perfect models to apply the famous phrase of less is more. Fiesta 2012 shoes Diego Dolcini, these are some of the creations of Diego Dolcini fitting elegant women who like more attractive and original of course shoes because these shoes have such qualities as well as being naturally of the highest quality. And in colors that come Super for a party, black, red, or deep blue, will all find something to like in this beautiful collection of high heel shoes and much trend. The ornaments with which Diego Dolcini Crown these beautiful shoes Festival 2012, make them different from those who have seen until now, and there are so many possibilities with these shoes that should not take them into account when thinking about combining them with an outfit for a special occasion.