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  • January 27th, 2014
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From now on, the number of studies and research of this type grew significantly. Today, innumerable scientific articles on this thematic one can be found in famous periodic international. For specific elaboration of this work, the search of bibliographical material and projects of research on the thematic one was carried through: monographs, dissertaes, teses, articles and books. The searches had been accomplished by the Internet: article publication in electronic magazines, small farms of Brazilian universities and agencies that they supply given and material bibliographical concernentes to the thematic one of study. Bibliographical surveys had been effected in libraries entailed central offices to the Federal University of the Cear and to the State University of the Cear, beyond consultations carried through in the libraries of the departments of Geography and to the one of the respective universities; Annals of congresses, meeting and symposiums and visits in the competent agencies had directly been carried through. 4.DISCUSSO.

4.1Estudo for Tourist Group: Using given statisticians of the Ministry of the Tourism, EMBRATUR, SETUR, IBGE and Federal Policy, worked through tables and graphs here it was objectified, in this work, to analyze the subject in a diacrnica perspective; establishing the understanding of standards of motivations of the different tourist groups that, in $fortaleza establish productive relation in the field of the tourism. The dynamics of these groups is worked here through the different concernentes motivations the action to travel. Such condicionantes here are differentiated and defined as: leisure, businesses, events, conventions and other reasons; it was also looked to work at great length the reasons of the leisure trips, that is, to understand if the desire to dislocate itself for $fortaleza happens of the appreciation of the sun and the beach, the nature, the ecoturismo or adventure, the culture, the tropical or typically local sports, of the easiness of the access great ‘ ‘ diversion noturna’ ‘ in the capital person from the state of Cear or still of the trips of similar incentives and; With this, we would determine the type of used lodging: hotel, flat or inn, house of friends and relatives, rented house, proper house, camping or shelter, resort and others for, in fact, understanding the composition of the tourist group, that is, who more travels? The alone individual, the family, the couple with children, friends or others; of how much per capita day in Brazil is the average expense and as if spends: leisure, business, events, conventions and other reasons? Beyond determining the average permanence in Brazil and its main motivation: leisure, businesses, events, conventions or others?

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Dyldeco new blog of art, design and decoration. Madrid, March 01, 2011 Dyldeco is a new blog devoted to the world of decoration and design which aims to bring the latest innovations, trends and innovative design to the Web. The new project Dyldeco aims to be a space dedicated to the decoration, style and art where all users can find current information, ideas and suggestions to enhance the spaces in which we live. Dyldeco is a blog created by the team of, website dedicated to design canvases and boxes with custom photos. This team is formed by young artists designers, illustrators, technicians, photographers, etc., who felt the need for a new way to express themselves in the world of decoration, design, and even photography. This blog is intended, not only to be the last in terms of news of exhibitions, new trends, photography, museums, etc., as also wants to encourage the participation of all users, both professional and amateur. According to the makers of the blog, the success of the initiative is that all users see it as a means to own and yours where they show their potential and where you can communicate with the entire community of Internet users interested in this area. Participating is as easy as entering and send their texts, news, views, jobs, etc.

  • January 13th, 2014
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These moments of exploration are extremely important to train the corporal project, the necessary lateralidade, perception and other potentialities in elapsing of the life, therefore if it does not have to hinder the child to practise them, therefore it will be from them that it will go to train its motor movements, to develop its independence, maturity and to live deeply new situations. THE TRICK IN THE SCHOOL In the preschool period, playing plays fort factor in the socialization of the child, therefore it starts to interact with its professors and classmates (Sanseverino, M.M. 2002, P. 109).

This type of situation will make with that the individual learns if to carry in way adjusted in distinct situations, will learn that to have a good relation, is necessary to respect rules, to respect the space, opinions and ideas of other people, exactly that is not in accordance with the same ones. The game and the toy provide, without Existem games in which the proper activity is not pleasant, as for example, predominantly in the end of the preschool age, games that only give to pleasure to the child if it considers the interesting result. The esportivos games (not only the athletical sports, but also other games that can be gained and lost) are, quite frequently folloied of displeasure, when the result is favorable for the child (Vigotsky, L.S. 1984, P. 107) when playing, the child is above of the proper age, above of its daily, bigger behavior of what he is in the reality. In the measure where the child imitates oldest in its daily activities, it creates chances for its intellectual and also social development.

Therefore the importance of the interaction of the adults, is familiar or professors, with the children. Nowadays, some children possess some psicomotor deficit Such children become regredidas, manipulating, with low resistance to the frustration, also presenting, difficulty in the social treatment and the pedagogical development (Dalila, M.M. et al. 2002, P. 110) .

A historical perspective – change – can be for any field of knowledge, or philosophical well – its essence. In fact, you can do is that for the same story and the same time. If history is a social and human science, not abstracted is why is responsible for studying social processes: explain the facts and events of the past, either by the same knowledge, or by that help us understand the present: Cicero was baptized in history as teacher of life, 3 and as Cervantes, who also called her mother of the truth.4 Benedetto Croce commented on the strong involvement of the past in the present with its entire history is history contemporaea. History, to study the facts and processes of the human past, is a useful for the understanding of the present and consider possibilities for the future.5 Sallust arrived to say that you among the different occupations that are exercised with wit, the remembrance of the events of the past occupies a place noted for its great utility.6 A widespread topic (attributed to George Santayana) warns that the peoples who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it, 7 although another topic (attributed to Carlos Marx) indicates in turn that when repeats do once as a tragedy and the second as farce.8 The radical importance of this is based on that history, like medicine, is one of the sciences in which the researcher subject matches the object to study. Hence the responsibility of the historian: history has a projection into the future by its transformative power as a tool of social change; and professionals who handle it, historians, applies them what Marx said of the philosophers (until now have been responsible for interpreting the world and what is transform it).9 However, from another perspective is to a disinterested objectivity in historical science research.10 The philosophers seek solutions to concrete problems but pose the answers with a universal character, why Plato, when confronted with the political decomposition of Athens, after the death of Pericles, tyranny and corruption of the new democracy, and poses a definitive and universal solution the Republic that is utopian and theoretical, while the politicians of the time what they wanted were short-term, patches the problem solutionsrather than fix it from the foundations. .

There are more aspects to consider, but we consider fundamental and its simplicity, is very easy to perform. Then there are the details of format, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 ie three standard formats, what we choose? First we have to understand to relate these formats. 4:3, the width is equal to 1.33 times the height; 16:9 width is equal to 1.78 times the height, one steeper than the other, but we're going to project, and that significance may have on the projection screens these formats? We return to the more common case, we will screen films from a DVD, and television and / or Computer. This means that some things will have a format 1:1, 4:3 and 16:9 other, having a Rolling Screen, easy, (if you do not want a part of the screen to spare), display more or less projection screen, so that fits the format of projection. If we have a light source (like a window), close to the projection screens, is more economical and effective, the curtains, put a more powerful video projector. The same applied with artificial light sources. (As lamps, bulbs …).

Projector What to choose? Often the implementation of a projection system is absolve us some doubts. First we would have to be very clear: That is the projector where it will be located. First, of course ensure that the projector is within our budget. The following two points to consider are: Resolution and Brightness. In these times of technological advance any projector has enough power to meet our needs, we must take better account of the Resolution and Brightness (ANSI Lumens) in relation to my needs require Brightness What? (ANSI Lumens) This is clear, that depends, among others, the key areas where ambient light projection is made, and the size of the projection screens that want to do.

If two opposite edges of the screen fixed tube and bar, the edges left free to hold in even more complicated. After multiple folding edges inexpensive screen may be slightly stretched and take a wavy shape. Stretch 'stretched' so easy mobile web Tube is more complex than in fixed. If allows the interior space, the best solution would be to establish 'permanent' screen – which is not removed and do not fold. The canvas is stretched on the screen of the special frame, which guarantees absolute flatness and tightness throughout the life cycle. A variety of designs, materials and colors will fit the frame so the screen in any room. For a rear projection screen so in most cases the only possible solution. In addition to the usual direction of projecting all of the direct projection, the projector and the audience are on one side of the screen, use the reverse or rear-projection (rear projection).

In a rear projection projector located behind the screen, running up to the light. It is on this principle works the usual projection TVs or new laser TVs. Choosing the screen, you must consider to what type of projection will be used. If the projection screen to direct can be absolutely transparent and reflection on the work, then back projection using a different type of fabric. We can not say that in the second case, the transparent screen – with full transparency, we would simply not see the image on it. High-quality screen for rear projection on the contrary – the darker it looks better.