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A LITTLE OF the DAAT UNIVERSE (knowledge). 1.Antes of the SPACE – TIME to be servant, the energy only existed. 2.Em this dimension, the only truth that existed and the distribution of the energy. 3.A distribution of the energy is total probabilist, and is just that it is that is its laws is contained in it, therefore did not have nobody not to be IT. 4.Einstein simply did not understand that Dus does not know given, therefore that was confused when saying celebrates it phrase ' ' Dus does not play given with the universe! ' ' 5.The bred being to the conscience, ' ' Keter' ' (CROWN) if it divided between will sefir of ' ' Bin' ' (INTELLIGENCE) and of ' ' hochmah' ' (WISDOM). 6.Com this the force if directed of ' ' Gevura' ' (TO BE ABLE) for ' ' hessed' ' (GOODNESS) and vice it turns. This is the world of the good is of the evil, the world of Space-Time. The World of ' ' eu' '.

7.A distribution of the Energy is probabilist, but its transformation is determinstica. 8.A entropy and the law that it governs the origin of the conscience. 9.De the knowledge is born the Laws, but to preserve the laws the preservation of the identity is necessary that is the allegiance. The true one is incorruptible. 10. Divine justice never is personal, but always collective, it works in cycles that if repeat and that we call Life. Cycle of clorofila the photosyntheses is the process for which the plant synthecizes organic composites from the presence of light, water and carbonic gas. It is basic for the maintenance of all the forms of life in the planet, therefore all need this energy to survive.

The clorofilados organisms (plants, seaweed and certain bacteria) catch the solar energy they use and it for the production of essential elements, therefore the sun is the primary source of energy. The animals do not make photosyntheses, but it gets energy if feeding of producing organisms (fotossintetizantes) or primary consumers. The photosyntheses can be represented by the following equation: light 6H2O + 6CO2 – > 6O2 + C6H12O6 clorofila the water and the Co2 are little energy, whereas the formed carboidratos are highly energy. Therefore the photosyntheses transforms energy of the solar radiation into chemical energy. Through the photosyntheses the plants produce oxygen and carboidratos from the carbonic gas. In the breath they consume oxygen and liberate carbonic gas in the environment. Cycle of the alimentary chain a man can fish with the worm that ate the king, and eat the fish that if it fed of that worm. I circulate it if it closes and it starts everything of new, when after the death, the body of the fisherman if converts into the food of the worms. Cycle of the transformation of energy for substance the material particles can be created from the pure energy and to come back to be pure energy. Equation of Einstein ' ' Energia=massa x speed of the Light to quadrado' '. The cycle of the money Money is energy and as all energy obeys of Law of Stefan-Boltzmann. Its treatment is probabilist mathematician, that is it implies in iteration of the man with the games of luck and bad luck. It does not pass of a method of simple probabilist treatment that demands only primary financial consideraes on the system in analysis, created for the proper man. No matter how hard if it makes for keeps it passes of hand in hand or apodrece when stopped.

Salon Elite Italian doors Bellissimo Moderno offers to pay special attention to accessories. According to consultants salons, it often happens that the door knob to select more complicated than the door. After all, this piece attaches to the door completeness and a special attraction. Make the right decision to help model the production factory Sigma, presented in all salons Bellissimo Moderno. We've learned that handles can only be brass, gold, chrome, nickel, bronze, or "aging" … Covering – just a smooth or matte.

And their range is increasing. It is now possible cover handle 24 carat gold! You can also combine metals, for example, gold and chrome. Private the handle can be made smooth, the other matte. A metal base handles combine with a wooden handle (an example is the pen serie dolly, simple and at the same time elegant, easy fitting to the door of almost any style). Or Handle made of Murano glass … blue, pink, green or even clear glass! Doors with panes win if they decorate a pen! This detail adds a lightness and grace, and one might even say, some "flirting" … But this is not the only solutions in the design. In a series of Sicma are creative and bold solutions.

Square, oddly angled, oval … They never asking to varnish the doors! .. But at the same time did not think forget about the classics. Fancy scrolls, antique bronze … Massive doors of precious wood … Rich deep colors … slowly flowing time. Splendor and richness of life! Just remember the palace of the Russian Empress! Bright and spacious .. Moldings, columns, white doors with portals, gilding … Such would be the interior is approached handle serie parioli from factory Sigma – a neat, white with gold edging. But there are other design decisions. For example, handle serie dafne. She recalled his wings. Easy bending, "tail" raised up … all captured in a metal flight! Or take the doorknob serie giada. At first glance, an ordinary pen, but is there some kind of incompleteness. And wants to continue her peculiar. It attracts the eye and makes the play of the imagination … And here is a thin strip pens serie kiwi hardly noticeable. She is so tiny, that it can be called only a small stroke. Handle serie derby is different smooth, barely perceptible bulge. It is like a drop, which was filled and about to fall down … She struggles extended, so as not to break, do not fall … Shiny chrome … This is where the deal. Its brilliance and color purity resembles the water surface! A wide range of door handles Sigma in salons to answer any requirements, new styles and creative pursuits.

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do you ever have you ever wondered why they are hard being teen? How many times you feel that the world is against you? Sometimes I think that not devi birth? do because I get depressed by everything? Actually there are many ways to define adolescence many think q young people become reveldes against parents but by the side of young people they think q or parents are against them because enrealidad both are part of adolescence but many say porq I go my father doing case I do not understand that, but parents say this young man than what q WINS take me the opposite? do as part parents have reason but can not always be expected q q tu angelito remains tu angelito lifetime already q all we grow and have q tastes very probably will change and there is where the prblemas empiesa q parents costs OK q your baby is growing and q already goes to sit to see barney on television some reasons of the porq? friends freedom independence by this music is by lo q most families your child has problems already q is growing and prefers to go out with his friends q be conmiendo and playing in the yard of his house but perhaps this brings a problem with your children? do bad friendships drugs cancion aggressiveness because if no sq if your kids turn out will make droagadictos and thieves but this depends very much on the place where crescan children and the kind of friendships with the q walk them as the old and well known saying El q walks with Wolves auyar aprende but this can be controlled? There are methods or solutions q will improve the family relationship? clear q can be controlled of course this nape has q go for the benefit of parents already q goes to notice Demaci change q will be most sencilloq can do is first speaking family and get started to negotiate a plan with the rest of the family something q motivates much a young is out with his friends but as going out with friends without money eh? course one Countertop is serious the best option depends work and their behavior in the week so it will be the amount of your countertop then you have your counter may go out with friends and have a time limit’s arrival at his house but this already depends on parents and the behavior of their children really be teen is not difficult as q is it is difficult to accept q eres already one q many veses feel q all hate you q nobody loves you and everyone wants to see crushed on the street but why is devemos accept our problem and look for solutions remember porq q adolescence is the stage q more remember and not opened nothing better q to enjoy it to the fullest with q people want and love good luck and fight by what you want original author and source of the article

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Dropshipping is ideal for all those people who want to begin in the electronic commerce and they do not have the possibility economic to store physical products to sell them by Internet and to send them to the final consumer. The way as dropshipping works you I am going it to illustrate in the following example: We suppose that you want to sell a camera in e-bay, free trade, or anywhere of auction and you consider that a very competitive price is of 200 dollars more expenses of shipment, some interested person buys the camera, you the payment, soon you look for your dropshipper or wholesale that it has the camera that you sold. The payments, for this example we suppose that dropshipper it sells the camera in 100 dollars but expenses to you of shipment, then your gain would be of 100 dollars Brilliant! Which are the advantages to use the Dropshipping system? 1. – The budget that you must have to begin is very under so that when not having to store merchandise, not to contract to the premises and personnel to pack products to be sent to final consumer, will ahorr much money to you. On the other hand a great part of dropshippers or wholesalers will not receive to contract their services to you, will be others they do if it, but will be one couta minimum by unique time, or of annual form or by life. 2. – He is not necesrio to have stored products. 3.

– The fulfillment of entraga of the product is on the part of dropshipper. 4. – Minimum purchases when dropshipper are not required, so him you will only be able to buy a single product if it is necessary. Which are the disadvantages to use the Dropshipping system? 1. – If you wish to sell products in e-bay, free trade, or in many classified pages of, the policies of these pages do not allow you to sell physical products that you do not have in your hands, but the reality is that many people who use dropshipping, sells in these pages so that his dropshippers is reliable, serious and will give the product to the consumer.

2. – Insufficient knowledge of the product. When not having the product that you are selling in your hands, you do not know its basic characteristicses, etc, reason why if your possible buyer gets to ask something to you on the product that wants to buy, perhaps you do not know to answer suitably. 3. – The unique person in charge before your client or buyer only you are, if your dropshipper it remained without stock, by mistake sent a product that was not, the unique person who will give ” cara” to your client and you will try to solve agln to him inconvenient you will be. In order to avoid these reliable, serious problems you will have to find dropshippers, verified, to find this type of wholesalers you can in entering Here is a page in English with different serious product categories of Dropshippers. This list of Dropshippers has a cost of 67 dollars, but the investment and with the security is worth the pain of which you will not have problems with your clients. 4. – If you sell products in e-bay, free trade, etc, you will find much competition reason why there is an impressive war of prices. In order to avoid this problem he is recommendable that you have your own virtual store in Internet.

The education is extended to consolidate, systemize and to reproduce the ideology, but also to make criticizes of this ideology becoming emancipadora the practical one of each one improving the real conditions of the existence of the humanity. Ahead of this scene all these pretensions are based from the existence of the truth. Therefore the truth and the thought are special procedures leave to know the facts, relation theoretician and practises. However she is interesting to stand out that some things alone have reason of being will have some immediate utility. All the questionings that we make pra to answer the life or situations of the life, as: Which is the intention of the life? Why we are here? Of where we came? Pra where we go? Who is the philosophy formulates and tries answers these questions. 1.3Porque is important to form a philosophical vision on the education? One perceives that in the measure where it advances the study in the educational philosophy innumerable they are the questions that if loom in the mind human being and that these ask for objective answers, clear and true. The importance inhabits here to understand the relevance of the philosophy of the education, therefore this objective science in helping the human being to also think and to organize the questions and to consider solutions for the challenges found in democratic educational practical society one in a globalizado and saturated world of information that receive from media, as quaisquermeios of communications and of its world reading our return and that these need to be transformed into knowledge and this is reverted for the good of a group or a pursuing of the society. In accordance with SAVIANI (2000, p.49): To promote the man means becomes it each time capable to know the elements of its situation in order to be able to intervine in it transforming it into the direction of the magnifying of the freedom, of the communication and elaboration between the men.

E for the knowledge of the situation, in we count hojecom a valuable instrument to them: science. When the processed information in the mind are placed in practical transforming into action and by means of reflexivas actions giving a vision of what this is knowledge when the established education when in the conception of Deweyano occurs that the conception of freedom. ‘ ‘ The education of the man would be process by means of which the man unclasps all its potencialidades’ ‘. (GODOTTI. s. 2001.p.17).

So, to help your child cope with hyperexcitability follows: – to reconsider their attitude to the child and realize that the cry of a hyperactive kid will get you nowhere. Aggression stuffed them into his mouth!). Remove all dangerous items, you save a lot of reason to worry about the safety of the baby. – Mom hyperactive toddler in the house to maintain a positive atmosphere, an atmosphere of peace and love. You should avoid watching tv, loud sounds.

– Hyperactive kiddies are very important to expend their energy. Therefore, you should walk a lot, and consider options for athletic clubs. Just keep in mind that even Training should not bear the emotional burden on the psyche of the child. Choose jogging, swimming. – If you plan to place a child in the garden, educators warn in advance about the nature of your baby to avoid denial of the kindergarten.

Be prepared for the fact that in the garden in the presence of strangers hyperactive child can hold back their emotions, and coming home to dump them. Think of these bursts of emotions calm. – Bedtime Child ventilate the room, the child should be cool. Light is better off. One of the newest methods of correcting the child's behavior is . as a method of psychotherapy brings good results, especially in childhood. Because a young child has no clear line between real life and fairy tales. Listening to the tale, the child is immersed in it, empathizes with the heroes of fairy tales and identifies himself with one of them. A accordingly, the child may learn the behavior fairy-tale hero. On this method and is based – listening to stories, the child receives the disposition to correct behavior, on the kindness and care. Interesting in this regard, the fairy tale whose author is Rushel Blavo. Rushel Blavo – d.m.n, professor, a practicing psychotherapist – is headed by St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of traditional medicine and music therapy. Tales Rushel Blavo sound in the performance of national stars of theater and cinema, and are accompanied by a unique healing music. Each tale has its own specifics. For example, stories read by Anastasia Melnikova give attitude of adults and children in the creation, constructive, finding the best ways to solve any issues. "Adults, like children, sometimes like to be offended, to demonstrate their displeasure, – says Rushel Blavo. – But so can complicate and aggravate anything, to drive himself to a standstill. It is unlikely that someone poses a similar purpose. How not to be at an impasse? How to get what you want? You must stay in constant dialogue with others, to be indulgent to their shortcomings and blunders, did not lose a sense of humor and self-irony. Our fairy tales give impetus to such interaction with the world. " After listening to a bedtime story, a hyperactive child just calm down and fall asleep, but may adjust their behavior and will be a little quieter for the joy of my mother. Keeping these simple tips, you will help your child cope with his psycho-emotional condition. Remember that attempts to bring a hyperactive child with physical punishment would lead to aggression and low self-esteem of the child.

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With levels of competition that exist and the opening of markets, companies that are not highly competitive will tend to disappear quickly because their high cost of production and administrative. Automation allows us to improve the replicability of a process and make it much more reliable and productive.There are several aspects to consider before deciding whether or not we automate a process. Here are some that may be very useful to evaluate the project. The productivity of a process is strongly linked to the repetitiveness that note; in such a way that by automating, one of the main criteria to take into account is the reliability of the automation add to the process, and therefore the costs that can be folded. When we think of automate, the question isn’t so much whether we do it or not. Rather it is when and how to do so.

If we make a decision based on quality information it is virtually certain that we will have a good return on investment (ROI) and a good return on productivity (ROP), assesses the relationship cost-benefit taking into account what brainwashed training, personnel and capital, and remember what you will save on maintenance. It then evaluates the increase in productivity and calculates the time that will take you to recover capital and calculates the return on investment. Make a careful assessment of the best and the worst scenario here.Another important recommendation is to keep constant during the deployment provider communication, so you can do it quickly and easily. When they allocated the required time, you can protect yourself against any unexpected estimated between 20 and 25% of additional time.Once completed the project, it might be necessary to have spare parts for equipment and external advisory or training to our technical staff. Although this represents additional costs, the increase in productivity will compensate them immediately. Original author and source of the article