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Pour over beaten eggs and add a little grated cheese. Cook gently for a few minutes. Turn over and cook other side. The omelette will probably fall apart in this manouevre. Simply press it back together. People such as Thomas FIrestone would likely agree. Nobody will know! Serve hot with a green salad. Rough Potato Salad: Peel leftover jackets and chop roughly. Mix in a large bowl with corn, tuna and some chopped onion or chives.

Serve with a mayonnaise sauce. Hot potato puree, served with a delicious sauce is always a family favorite. Double and delight of the family two days in a row! Cool remaining mixture thoroughly. Place in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate. Mash oven: Place remaining dough in a large bowl and add the cooked flaked white fish, bacon bits or cooked vegetables.

Place on a greased baking dish with grated cheese and bake in medium oven until heated through. Burger Mash: In a large bowl, mix ground remains with a little beaten egg, some chopped chives or very finely chopped onion. Then form balls in his hands. Flatten slightly and, where appropriate, the layer of bread crumbs or chopped nuts. Federal Republic of Yugoslavia like a hamburger! Cottage Pie: Cook minced meat, vegetable or equivalent, a chopped onion and a can of tomatoes and mix together place in a lightly greased baking dish. Spoon leftover mashed potatoes over top and sprinkle a little grated cheese, if liked. Heat through thoroughly in a medium hot oven and serve hot with green vegetables. Cooking a chicken a little bigger and preserve the remains of roofs – and perhaps hidden – in the fridge. A vegetarian equivalent of chicken will work equally well with these dishes. Quick Chicken Curry: Pour a home made curry sauce or a jar of ready – more than cut the chicken pieces and remnants dede heat through thoroughly in a hot oven. Always make sure re-heated meat is steaming hot right through. Serve with rice or potatoes roasted. Chicken Salad: Mix cold leftover chicken with a minced onion and mix in half of May, half of yogurt dressing. Add a few nuts for special treatment. Cool for 30 minutes and serve with any dish .. Chicken Stir Fry: Put cut chicken pieces in a pan with olive oil or nuts recently. Mix in thinly sliced sweet peppers, onions, tomatoes and any other bits in the fridge that look healthy enough to eat. Cook gently for a few minutes, making sure the chicken is hot. Then mix in a bowl of hot cooked noodles. Serve with an oriental style sauce. TIP: Planning a few menus in advance which means they are always in control of nutritious and tasty meals, and no need to lean guiltily on the microwave waiting for the last TV dinner to cook!

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Cultural evolution of some cities has allowed these to become the main attraction of their countries, we talk more specifically the city of amsterdam which is the main tourist icon of Holland, this trend thanks to its cultural cop. amsterdam is a city frequently visited by tourists from all over the world, that thanks to its main attraction is that liberal culture, which makes this an ideal place to go in a relaxed and party. Although it is good to clarify that this city is also visited places such as churches and bridges, which are an excellent representation of post-modern architecture. In amsterdam there is great diversity of places where people can stay as hotels and hostels, these are the most frequently used to accommodate tourists from all over Europe, who prefer them by household characteristics. When we are in amsterdam the best recommendations to find a good hostel is that it completely fills our expectations, no mention other factors such as location and the services it can offer.

Some excellent examples of hostels in amsterdam are: White Tulip Hostel: This is listed as one of the most referenced hostels in Amsterdam, thanks to its large interior space and services such as heating, bar, restaurant, safe and reception service it offers 24 hours, making it one of the best hostels in Amsterdam. Hostel Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark: this hostel is a reference icon in Amsterdam, as it is one of the most economical and is probably among the most services provided to guests, some of them as heating, swimming pool, elevator, room service , restaurant, breakfast, laundry, Internet, car and bike rental, safe and 24 hour reception among others, made of Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark possibly one of the top 10 hostels around Amsterdam. Hostel Amigo Hotel: this hostel is a combination of hostel and hotel that offers the comfort of a hostel with privacy a hotel, not to mention it has an excellent location, being close to important places like the Van Gogh museum of art, not to mention it has an excellent restaurant and the fourth, also free internet, breakfast, laundry and 24 hour reception. Hostel Stayokay Stadsdoelen: this hostel is characterized by its beautiful home also has a myriad of services that do a very good hostel, some services such as safe, bar, bike rental, laundry, internet and restaurant between others, make thus a great place to stay. In conclusion, amsterdam hostels are shown to us as the best option, not only to rest, but to know a little more interesting culture of the Netherlands, not to mention that these are usually located in central locations that we want to visit locations representative to Amsterdam. So there is no excuse to miss amsterdam and in particular to lodge in places such as hostels representative.

Soon the New Year! This phrase is knocking on the mind of every thoughtful parent vsemilyubimogo the eve of the holiday! New Year wait for everything, and adults (especially!) children. How do you make so that the memories of the holiday remained in the heart beloved man for a long time, and, perhaps, forever? As mentioned classical “expectation of happiness – happiness, too.” Therefore, the preparation for the holiday is better to start in advance. It may be the traditional Christmas tree, buying jewelry, but best if the mother and the children will prepare these ornaments by hand. Children are very fond of a joint work with his mother, and my mother would be useful and pleasant for a joint effort to spend a little more than usual time with her Chad! diy options (now called the buzzword handmade) are vast. It could be Christmas decorations made of papier-mache and beads, elegant herringbone of feathers weightless, figurines made of salt dough and much more. In As the original surprise, it is possible to order the pinata – a favorite activity for children around the world. In a hollow toy out of papier-mache wide variety of shapes and sizes are put candy and small prizes, then a toy broken, and full of delight for children provided! But without something absolutely impossible to do so is without the appearance of Santa Claus! Kids are not interested in a chic table, toasts and loud music, really they are just waiting for the protagonist Children’s events, from children’s birthday or New Year – is not easy, but following the rules a little creative, you can choose from multiple offers – it is “their” Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden, which you want to meet again.

Be sure to ask whether you can see real pictures of characters (this may be not only the standard Santa Claus, but also additional characters: the Witch, Gnome, pirate). This is especially important if you plan to invite Santa Claus to a children’s garden. It is highly desirable to have the organizers of the holiday was a working site, as a measure of reliability and respectability. Routine calculated at 30 minutes. Ask the organizers of the details that will be included in the program. Most likely you will not accept if Grandpa would always sit on the ground and tear your child asking ‘Tell poem’.

If your child still a baby, or he is sensitive and distrustful of strangers – tell it by the organizers, they will be more considerate with your baby. In some cases, especially if the child does not go to kindergarten, it is advisable to invite the image of Santa Claus animator – a woman. It is more gently introduces baby to the world of the New Year and other fairytale characters. The cost of the call of Father Frost and Snow Maiden is about the same in Moscow and Moscow region. Too low prices should cheerleaders are likely to get quick kills you come across by amateurs, who may just disappoint the child and leave the negative memories are very, very long time. You choose the right and C Happy New Year!