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Notable examples include tempo, Facebook and Apple – who sees the logo immediately recognizes the brand due to the high presence. A very effective way to a permanent presence in the minds of the key demographic is the logo on a useful promotional items to bring. But pens are used less and less and lose lighters since the nationwide smoking ban in effect. With Codes2go on the other hand, you place your company logo in the purse of the consumer. Advertise with the Codes2Go secret agent Edition from the movie start of “Skyfall” in Germany, the Codes2go cards distributed mainly in Cinemaxx cinemas throughout Germany, with the company logo. Secret agent addressed the audience directly in the cinema and present you with the coding card together with a carrier medium and an instruction sheet. Due to the highly sensitive voltage before the movie, the secret agents reach the maximum attention of the movie with the Codes2go cards! Secret agent online game in addition to the campaign-the online-game “secret agent” be incorporated in the user 60 seconds must defuse a bomb. To do this, he has a Codes2go card on the screen, he must click the to enter the correct code for the bomb disposal.

The game can be the site of the advertisers involved so that additional site visitors are drawn on his side. Note: A few advertising spaces are free! She participate at the Codes2go secret agent can promotional tour nationally or regionally posted. Please contact us! Codes2go – so does the encryption card Codes2Go card can be backed up numbers and number sequences, which are required for example for debit cards. The owner of the card chooses a secret security word and then enlists his passwords on the map. The resulting code can be cracked only when the safety Word is known. The method is foolproof and belongs to the standard tools for secret agents.

With a stopover in Thailand will discover a country that hosts a huge amount of historical evidence, this is the ideal place for people interested in ruins, temples and deserted cities. Thai beaches and Islands are a veritable earthly paradise. In terms of urban Wonderland, the huge metropolis of Bangkok, with its energy and its cultural treasures, despite its imposing size and the reigning chaos, tends to seduce visitors. Reasons to travel to thinking about a trip to Thailand Thailand is a country which can travel easily: possesses an effective transportation, accessible accommodation. Thai cuisine is known for being spicy, spiced and for maintaining a balance in the use of five fundamental in each one of their dishes, or in general flavors in their meals. The Thais are famous for their friendliness and hospitality with strangers. Thai massage: You will have the possibility of taking the famous traditional massage thai has its basis in the stretching, the mobilization of joints and pressure points and meridians, stimulating blood circulation and achieving a balance of internal organs. This massage, performed for years, has the function of removing toxins and offer a feeling of relaxation for the body, which has regained flexibility, and the mind.

Visit the Ko Phi Islands: Don is the only island of the set that has permanent inhabitants, although the second importance, Ko Phi Phi Leh Island beaches are visited by many tourists. This island has no facilities to stay, but is very close to Ko Phi Phi Don. The rest of the Islands in the Group include Bida Nok, Bida Noi, and Bamboo Island, are just limestone rocks that emerge from the sea. Lopburi: This city is famous for the hundreds of monkeys who live in the middle of the city, especially around the temple Khmer Prang Sam Yot, and Khmer sanctuary Sarn Phra Karn. These monkeys are fed by the local population, especially during the Festival of the monkeys of November being usual put a buffet with food for them. Because monkeys do not have any fear of humans, they steal any food they can find, even approaching the restaurants and removed the food to Diners. Activities only suitable for those seeking adventures in the trip: Trekking in the mountains of Chiang Mai, through dense forest, dodging small creeks, knowing local tribes that represent ethnic minorities of the North of Thailand. Spend the night in a local house in a village, in a camp on the banks of a stream. Elephant rides, rafting on bamboo rafts, scuba diving in the warm waters of the Pacific. An unforgettable experience.

Sustainable appreciation of attractive apartments City Centre housing project ‘Porthole’ in Offenbach advances with big steps. Soon the new building take shape that today takes place in Frankfurt the presence of Horst Schneider, Mayor of the city of Offenbach am Main, and Claus Wisser, well-known entrepreneurs and co-initiator of the ‘porthole’, the groundbreaking for the first phase of construction. Already at the end of the year, the entire shell is adorn the area between Luisa -, Ludwig, Frankfurt and Bahnhofstrasse. Developers of the 50 million euro project is the PG Luisen Court GmbH & co. KG, a company of the WEP group based in Frankfurt am Main, in which Claus Wisser is involved, and the EFO Immobilien GmbH from Mill Valley. “About the competition between frankfurters and Offenbach there were many jokes and anecdotes in the past. In the presence of the two cities and their planners work extremely well together. There is this at all, no reasonable alternative by growth on both sides.

What is the use of Offenbach, benefits We create another fact for the ahead joint way of the two cities”automatically Frankfurt am Main, and today, reaffirmed the Frankfurt entrepreneur Claus Wisser. Some 240 apartments will be in up to four sections. In recent weeks, Offenbach citizens have seen already the first preparatory work on the inner-city, 16,000-square-foot plot. With the already completed clearance of construction and building site facilities, the conditions are created that the construction of the apartments in the ‘porthole’ starts on time. “After the successful realisation of a large hamburger housing project for the WEP group we have engaged us like this beautiful project in Offenbach. The qualifications and expertise of the client as also our own experience from a variety of projects allow us to realize an optimal construction process and thus short completion times”Burkhard Siegemund, Managing Director of Hochtief solutions AG Office Berlin-Brandenburg, the General contractor-bound for the first phase of construction.

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After disagreements with General Petain, returns to Morocco for a while and then goes to live in Portugal where his famous statement to resign to organize the French monarchists, makes public statement he denied when, upon returning, said: coming to France do not understand renounce the ideal which I represent. Without actively participating in politics their opinions, he appropriated until 1967, in his well-known monthly bulletin of information, but in 1965, when the world was if General de Gaulle (whom the Earl had supported and sustained) would be presented again as candidate for the Presidency, reached a insinuate its name as a successor of the Chief of the free France. Subsequently, only on two occasions left stated his thoughts for posterity: in May of the 68, during the famous student revolution and in August 1970, when France celebrated the hundred years of the death of St. Louis. During the may revolution wrote a controversial letter to General de Gaulle, which constitutes a small x-ray of his social thought: the deeper meaning of this revolt is rejection of a society which decomposes and which is not accepted but by those who have managed to keep their privileges or their selfish satisfactions that are on it. The reconstitution of our society on new bases cannot be more an ideological dream, is a historical necessity. Only you, my general, can get the best for these serious circumstances France. The situation excludes violence and adventure, she requires a political decision. To read this missive no doubt completes us: his death leaves a huge vacuum in French politics..

EP Yachts and Things will appear in the December edition of the famous magazine. The work is described by experts as one of the chapters that were missing the autobiographical novel unfinished answered prayers. She Capote tells a Mediterranean Cruise with various personalities from the famous and high class of the time. A recently discovered work of the American writer Truman Capote in which recounts a Mediterranean Cruise with various personalities from the famous and high class of the era published in Vanity Fair. Yachts and Things, which in Spanish would be literally yachts and things, and which appears in the December issue, is described by experts as one of the chapters that were missing in the autobiographical novel unfinished answered prayers. The manuscript, which seems to be a first draft, was discovered by the editor of Vanity Fair Sam Kashner while conducting an investigation into documents of Capote in prayers answered in the power of the New York public library.

The novel, of which only survive a few chapters, shocked many of the friends of the high society of Capote that it brought to light their often tumultuous and shameful lives. The six-page story narrates a cruise of three weeks for the Mediterranean aboard a friend’s rented yacht. The host, who could be the late Gianni Agnelli, director for a long time the Italian Fiat SpA, cannot join the narrator and Mrs. Williams, probably the editor of the Washington Post, Katharine Graham, after a death in the family. It is the typical Truman, told the magazine the biographer of Capote, Gerald Clarke. The title, Yachts and Things, is in fact the title of one of the chapters that you planned for answered prayers, said Clarke.But that chapter would have been much longer of six pages do not know why it was one of those who was not released.

My guess is that he thought he fell short in some way. Capote shot to fame in 1948 with his first novel, other voices, other worlds, with 23 years. Became famous when moving in the circles of New York high society and by their work breakfast with diamonds and the novel of nonfiction in cold blood, which tells the story of a murder in a rural family in Kansas. He died of liver cancer in 1984 at the home of Los Angeles of Joanne Carson, the ex-wife of entertainer Johnny Carson. * Get all titles by this author in PopularLibros. See more: Vanity Fair will publish an unpublished writing and recently discovered of Truman Capote