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Curtain fixed and movable glass slat wall Project X-TU is an apartment complex of the French architect Nicolas Desmazieres and Anouk Legendre (also known as X-TU) in the Paris suburb of Nanterre, on an elongated axis of the Office and La Defense in the Northwest of the main city high-rise district. It cannot be overlooked that the architects have focused visually on the nearby Prefecture of the Department Haute-de-Seine. It was built in the 1970s by Andre Wogenscky, a long-time employee of Le Corbusier. The completion of X-TU took place in the year 2012. On an elongated base, where offices and shops located nine blocks – rise five to the South, and four on the north side – with up to ten storeys. To ensure a sufficient sun protection on the South side, the building here was given a curtain, equipped with fixed and movable slats of glass facade from the Shadoglass system Colt international. This glass skin acts like a network of horizontal segments that offer a varied picture of delicate shades of gray by their different printing.

The four towers on the north side are low and have a different facade. Over 4000 glass louvres were installed the complex of the X-TU is 105 metres long and up to 33 metres high. The entire area encompasses about 16,000 m. In addition to the offices, shops and an art gallery on the ground floor, the building includes 164 apartments or apartments in the towers with one to three rooms, kitchen and bathroom. There are small gardens, and green spaces on the terraces and floor levels, loosen up the overall picture and mitigate the massiveness of the complex between the individual towers. Behind the facade of glass louvers on the South side are Loggias and porticos, the apartments are accessed. Basement rooms and parking spaces for cars are housed at the three underground levels.

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The fact is, retirement can be inherited not know many. Just about pensions is widely believed that its pay at a certain age and to get to work for many years. However, it is not. This was and will be discussed below. Typically, the average person to go to school then goes to school (college, institute, etc.), and on completion of training arranged for work (about the army I did not forget, just a matter of fact it does not change). And from the first salary, an organization in which he works, begins to deduct contributions to the pension fund.

At the same time give the employee payroll, which reflects the salary, bonuses, advances, deductions for taxes, etc., but the contributions to the pension fund not reflected in the calculation (probably from the shock of guard:)). A small digression to explain. Since the article is not intended for any particular country, that the presented data may vary in different countries, but the main thing – it’s the principle of taxation, which is essentially the same everywhere. So back to our salaries. Credited to the employee $ 1,000, organizations must retain the income 12% of the state income tax and pay 35% of the amount of accruals to the pension and social funds. That is, the organization is spending $ 1350, and employee issues in the hands of 880 $. Thus, if your net salary is $ 300, then State receives in taxes more than $ 150 (pension fund about $ 100) and without counting the smaller tax deductions (various taxes Greatest 0.1-2% may be charged or may not be charged depending on the country). Now let’s see what happens to our pension: Educated to twenty-five years, people have to work stably.

The retirement age for men – 55 years. Thus, thirty years a person pays money to pension fund to state in their old age, it is provided. When net income at $ 300 it will be, to retirement age, $ 36,000. And imagine that the money you’re not in a pension fund, and invest in the bank, at interest. Sum savings amount to more than 70000 $. To interest on such amount will be receiving more than $ 400 per month – more salary! But all that I speak only for what would you have understood how the government deceives its citizens. And what would you have more convinced of this, compare here the following data: the retirement age of men comes in 55 years, and average life expectancy – 56 years. So initially, the state, collecting money, the bottom is not going to return. So how do you get a pension for two or three years? How to receive a pension not less than wages, making no savings in the bank? How do I transfer a pension inherited? The method is, continued to.