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  • August 12th, 2015
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The law of Asturias of hunting dating back to June 6, 1989, has been a clear exponent guarantor and paradigm, since its entry into force, of a regime of equal opportunities for all hunters. I try to claim a good system, inthe measure of my ability, and show my outright rejection towards these incomprehensible and because not, discriminatory qualifications, giving faith, from my particular viewpoint of the bonanza that has represented social hunting in our community, in the hunting, social order, medium environmental and rural, industrial and drift in the occupational market through strong dynamism. However at the current time, glimpsed certain difficulties in its degree of sustainability which surround it and straining. They are detected fissures that point decline early, calling for reforms, not should be neither rigid inmovilista in the appropriate changes that proceed to do the Act and the regulation that goes with it. Carry out these changes which is suppose to be improvement, should be undertaken without prejudice to the participatory status with the markings which are to be attributed, but within the canons of behavior that have been giving. In this sense, nor a step backwards. It has not been us bad fans hunting for the Principality with this singular standard of hunting in Andalusia. Everyone has hunted much in Asturias in recent years, you will continue, we still have enough margin to do so, and that let us safeguard this asset in the form of wealth, which are game species that have colonized numerous settlements, the future of this art or sport, you’ll find stashed in Asturias.

RIP of the question, I would say, from my thinking, that is intended to create an alternate current of opinion face an involutional process of social hunting in our land. In this sense, from inside and outside of Asturias, are already taking the first steps. There is collusion that betrays them; concerned about the support provided some from here.

To date, deciding whether glazed loggia or balcony, nearly everyone can choose any kind of glass, in accordance with their wishes and financial possibilities. Suschetvuet several species Glazing: Glazing wooden ramamiAlyuminievoe ostekleniePVH osteklenieBezramnoe-glazing is no secret that the cheapest glass balconies, a glazing of balconies and loggias, the tree may, therefore, This service is still in demand. Wooden glazing is usually applied to those of balconies and loggias, which are then not insulated. This glass is only protected by a balcony or loggia from the outside noise, rain, wind and dust. Aluminium glazing the easier it is for all types of balconies and loggias, saves space. Aluminum Profile stronger and lighter, fire safe, will not crack, twist and not oxidized. Aluminum frame is very aesthetically pleasing look on the balconies, old houses and buildings. In a plastic glazing method uses the standard window frames made of PVC profiles, which are assembled respectively, together with the configuration of a balcony or terrace.

After glazing, as a rule, the walls are insulated inside, which prevents the deposition of condensate. Frameless today – it's perfect option if you are looking to use the space for your balcony or loggia, as an open and bright veranda, which would be protected from rain and snow, because this system is ideal for the Russian winter. The valves of the Finnish design opens and closes with a simple mechanism can say with certainty that the frameless glazing meets all the requirements that apply to the translucent structures, as from an architectural point of view and with the consumer. Through glazed loggia or balcony may not only housing insulation, but also increase quite expensive residential area.

  • August 11th, 2015
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Of the effective legal point of view, with the Constitution of 1988; of Law 7 716/5/01/89 and Law 9 029 of 13 of April of 1995 Art. 1: ‘ ‘ She is forbidden to the adoption of any practical limiting discriminatory and for access effect the employment relationship, or its maintenance, for reason of sex, origin, race, color, civil state, familiar situation or age ‘ ‘. That is, the Law guarantees rights and forbids any type of discrimination or differentiation for sort reason, race, color, religious creed. But laws are not only enough, are necessary to change all a reality, therefore still it has discrimination and preconceptions that are justified by the ideology, for myths and practical of domination that continues gifts in the economic relations, religious politics and. The ideological, economic vision, religious politics and that only considers right and true the interests of white, rich and powerful men are contrary the will of God and to the Evangelho of the love and the favour; it is unjust, it is against the life, therefore it discriminates, it keeps out of society, violent poor persons, aboriginals and blacks. The resultant violence of racism and the ethnic hatred must all be surpassed the cost. The violence is not only physical.

But intellectual, religious, also emotional. That is, they are related with the social violence, economic politics and. In current Brazil, according to IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), descending population afro is more than 48%. Unhappyly, many people believe, defend and nail the destructive determinismo, the conformismo, the destruction of the other as a right that God granted to it. Others still justify, accept that the things happen and are same thus since the creation of the world. The violence, the poverty, the suffering, the discrimination finishes being accepted without no questioning and as excuse of that ‘ ‘ who was God wanted assim’ ‘. It also has the ones that, of certain form, Gods make responsible for the evil, the violence, the disrespect to the life because It was who created and determined everything. The forms of destruction, domination of ones justify all on the others, all the violncias practised for the men as destination.

However, the Christian Church and all the engaged people as Kingdom of God and with the promise of Christ ‘ ‘ I came so that all have life and life in abundncia’ ‘ (Jo 10,10), they cannot leave of side its predictive mission to announce possibilities of a new world and to make deceptive denunciations when treated, powerful workmanships of and the greedy ones try to justify its action that generate poverty, unemployment, hunger, injustices and that they go multiplying violncias, wars, pains and deaths. Our paper is to fight for the identity, therefore God in them created all equal ones and as Martin Luther King said: ‘ ‘ We have learned to fly as the birds, to swim as the fish, but not yet we learn the sensible art of living as irmos’ ‘.

There are powerful reasons for Mendoza has positioned itself as one of the most important tourist destinations in the Americas. Firstly there are excellent and numerous hotels in Mendoza, from accommodation type dorms to sumptuous five-star luxury hotels. The reality is that Mendoza receives not only a significant amount of tourists but also a large number of visitors who come to this important city argentina for commercial and labour reasons. The city has capacity to accommodate permanently thousands of tourists throughout the year, Mendoza is attractive both in winter and in summer. But perhaps one of the most idyllic spots the Uco Valley. This extensive and fertile valley runs about North of the Tunuyan River with its 17,000 km. One of the most important features of this Valley are the high peaks that generate it, and the fertility of its soil, which has unleashed an intense agroe-economic activity. To the East of the Valley runs the cordillera of the Andes with elevations that exceed the 6,000 m in height.

ES here precisely where is born the Tunuyan River. The dominant peak in the region is the Tupungato volcano, and to view, juento with the Maipo volcano, similar columns that rise to heaven. A corner within the Valley of incomparable beauty is the laguna del Diamante, and precisely owes its name to the diamond shape which reflects the Maipo peak on its surface. The Tunuyan River, one of the most important watershed of the provinces, through the Uco Valley. Its course is regulated by the dam the Carrizal, forming an artificial lake of over 30 square kilometers of extension, with 15 km long by 5 km wide. This dam is located about 785 m above the sea level, and one of its purposes is most important the correctly irrigate a very arid zone. Around this dam is has generadoun tourist centre of great importance, with plenty of recreational and sporting activities such as sailing, windsurfing and sport fishing. In short, the Uco Valley boasts incredible landscapes that invite travellers fascinated with wonderful expanses of green land, and eternal white snow-capped peaks, forming thus an interesting option for vacation in Mendoza.