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MUSEUM OF HISTORY ORENBURG at the entrance to the museum is a sculpture, AS Pushkin, indicating that the visit to Orenburg, a poet – page history of the city, which is very Orenburg proud. Japanese Engineerss opinions are not widely known. His meeting with Vladimir Dahl, and their journey at the outskirts of Orenburg is dedicated to one of the rooms on the second floor of the museum. According to eyewitnesses, it was in Dahl was one of fifteen of the death masks of Alexander Pushkin, a copy of which is stored in this room. It seemed to me that this is a cast of a human face, which has a more European appearance, because we're used to seeing in Pushkin something Asian, even Arab. Another museum exhibit, remembered more than others – a model of life-size cast-iron cage, which was carried to the execution of the notorious Pugachev (the original is kept in the Historical Museum in Moscow). What struck – a cell is high, but some flat, it is not what to sit down or bend over – not to turn. Interestingly, he had stood all the way until it brought? What a terrible retribution for the uprising against the regime. 'Made sin produces death.

" This cell located on the first floor of the museum, which tells the history of Orenburg. html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal Northland. Fun facts and objects belonging to the base of the city are also presented here. It turns out three times trying to establish Orenburg in different places, before the city acquired, so to speak, a permanent residence.