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Costa Rica will always counter with the terms environmental, conservation and animals in the wild put in context, and in the current information from Costa Rica, Guanacaste to read again and again by dangerous animals in nature. We live here for 15 years in Costa Rica on the Playa, and our pets live right outside our door. We have seen many funny stories. For example, Susan was a few years ago a few hours on the beach under a tree branch on which a meter peacefully on her was a boa Constrictor. Susan heard the music from her Walkman and did not notice the snake. It was only when her boyfriend about two hours later came to her, and he saw the blow and said, I treasure you think about a snake is sitting. A. F. Chief of Staff has firm opinions on the matter. Susan screamed and the snake crawled again But one of the funniest stories was sure that a few years ago Albino, a Tico from the village Samara in Costa Rica arrived with a young crocodile under his arm and asked me: Would you buy a crocodile? The crocodile is doing nothing and just wants to play. He had a crocodile on a big board wrapped with a thick mustache and trapped in a pond at his house.

I took the crocodile, Fritz said to him, and dug a big hole, and Fritz sat in there. In the coming days, there was fish for Fritz I do my first walk with Fritz, but which proved somewhat difficult because he did not do what I wanted, and he had very quickly and was uncomfortable with his tail. Then came an evening a few Ticos and plenty of carousing at the bar of our Travel Hotel in Samara, Costa Rica. When they were brave then, they tried to tease the crocodile, but that was faster and the end of it was that the arm was a Tico in the mouth of the crocodile. I just came home and we got it out somehow that the crocodile opened its jaws. The arm looked as Wahre a sewing machine gone about it. We took the Tico to the hospital where he was treated. He was lucky.

In a slightly older crocodile was probably the thing looked different. Yes, since we are the hotel here in Costa Rica, we have seen many funny things, like the Reiner and his dear friend who came home to a large boa was in her bed. Today, the stories are different, but not without wit. If someone once to Costa Rica and is seen here beating and crocodiles and someone says: The do nothing, because the only want to play be careful and you still buy any. We are so glad that the environment and nature here is still rather get help and they want to be protected with a conservation project here at the Pacific beach of Costa Rica. Our pets are living right outside our door.