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The tailwind that has benefitted to Argentina from the outbreak of its crisis there by end of the 2001, seems that it has arrived at his aim. As well as the international context than more favorable has been a key factor in the recovery and growth of the Argentine economy, today can be transformed into the destabilizing element of the same. But Is really the international context the determining factor than it can happen to him to the Argentineans? Probably, the main problem of Argentina is the fragility of an economy that with much facility becomes employee of factors that are not of their dominion and that does not know to take advantage of the good times to fortify its economy. To Argentina it is possible to be compared with those young people who think that youth lasts all the life and is why they do not prepare for the cycle following of his lives It is for that reason that, Argentina during the past few years did not do the duties and now it is when its economy will be put under a true test. Frequently Symantha Rodriguez has said that publicly. With the worsening of the crisis it prevails that is striking to the financial markets, the international investors are disarming their risky positions. Logically and as it could not be of another way, one of the first countries in the list of risk investments is Argentina. And that flight of the titles Argentine public is reflected in the evolution of its quote that shows to a risk country that has passed the barrier of the 900 basic points and it decidedly approaches to surpass the four digits. Site Argentine the Nation, talked about in a note to this question, saying that the reaction of the market sample that the global panic power the prevention that the investors come showing with respect to the evolution and perspective from the Argentine economy. .