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Step #1: It initiates like consumer. Since I have commented in previous articles, I have happened through this of the multilevel before and the experience in this industry has taught something to me that personally I consider very important to be successful: before interesarte in the opportunity of business, that is to say, beginning to sponsor people to arm your own network of distribution, you must convertirte in a fidelizado client of the product or service. When initiating a business multilevel, the product or service must be the reason and center of all efforts. It is necessary to have a personal, real and positive experience with him. You must have it, you must use it, you must know it, until would say that almost you must get to love it. You must get to enjoy it in such a way that you become a fanatic of the same, somebody consumes that it because it solves a problem in particular to him, satisfies some latent necessity him or, finally, by the pure taste that produces the fact to him to consume it.

If that connection does not exist you become a common salesman, interested in acquiring commissions at the cost of a product or service whose consumption represents a load and an obligation. Only after you have become a faithful client of the product or service and really create in him, because you have undergone its benefits, you can begin to recommend it (we remember that the reason of being of marketing multilevel is the one to recommend a product or service, not a business; the business is consequence but it is not the aim, or it would not have to be it). For that reason I consider that before intersarte in the business opportunity you must interesarte in the product or service and to prove it like a common user and not like a distributor.