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Any driver once got into a bad situation as an accident. And this was not always guilty, and again not always be protected from errors of traffic police. Therefore, for successful completion of the dispute with the traffic police is important to observe several simple advice, as well as to a lawyer. Here are some simple tips to the driver, who got into an accident, an attorney from the Nizhny Novgorod Ermakova: 1. When injected into the accident victim is the least of all should be reported immediately to the post Traffic police of the accident occurred.

It is necessary to describe as accurately as possible emergency situation. You also need to contact your personal attorney if you have it. 2.Po opportunity to provide first medical assistance to the victims, as well as before the arrival of traffic police officers to keep an emergency situation. 3.Voditel be possible to map an accident, write down the names and contact information of eyewitnesses. (Information witnesses help in the future to defend his innocence in the case of a lawyer disputes with traffic police.) If you need to remove the car from the road, you must first need to put the scheme drawn up over time and allow witnesses to sign. 4.Postradavshy driver must not leave any receipts, a written commitment on the spot, because it is in a state of stress and inadequate assessment of the situation. It is unwise to succumb to the entreaties of the other participant accident did not cause traffic police officers, even if he promises compensation for material damage in the future. The driver must follow the correct registration of traffic police records of road accidents: a) Protocol inspection of the accident, and b) a scheme of control and crash test protocol drivers for sobriety, and c) protocol testing and inspection of the vehicle, d) a reference to an accident, and e) an explanation of the incident and participants of the witnesses; f) report on the admission of evidence if the driver needs to protect their rights, it must refer to a professional lawyer