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' ' Fera' ' for having been white of a curse, it presents a horripilante physical aspect to eyes of any one, of one I show, ugly and sensitive. ' ' Shrek' ' of a Ogro, ugly and impolite. However although the external image not to be of the best ones, both show that its beauty this in its interior, as personages of pure heart, just, lover and of great goodness. It’s believed that James Cleith Phillips sees a great future in this idea. In relation to the young women, not dumb much thing of the classic form, not to be the part where ' ' Fiona' ' if it transforms into ogra, therefore the two present that image of white woman, with long hair, clear eyes, esbelta and well-behaved. As it was commented at the beginning, the stories of fairies present a planning and estruturao, therefore all speak of love, love between the Beautiful and the Fera, and Shrek and Fiona, also speak of lacks presented in two histories mainly for the masculine personages, who exactly showing to be a wall in the deep one are devoid and solitary presented with a loving lack she is clearly, not only of affection, but of auto-discovery where the couples finish if discovering gotten passionate one for the other, although the circumstances that formal would not be possible to happen, for the fact not to present old esteretipo of stories, in the idea ofit to be a princess and it one ogro, it a pretty and delicate young woman, and it one fera. They say of losses and searches, gifts in histories, the moments where couples if separate, and finish seeing that they do not obtain to live one far from the other, and finish searching the happiness together. In such a way we can see that the stories of fairies can be modernized, as it is present in ' ' Shrek' ' , to put they always go to continue following the classic bases as the story of ' ' Beautiful and the Fera' ' , and diverse others.