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For children between 6 and 12 years of age and school through the 6th grade Baku/Bonn of out of the House and into nature: Happen right in front of our feet every day exciting adventure. With their well turentdecker time competition show closer look back!”the eco shipping lure ground memo and the natural parks of Germany children between 6 and 12 years old and entire school classes through 6th grade outdoor, to exciting expeditions in the microcosm” to undertake. A 6-member jury led by comedian and actor Bernhard hump selects all entries the winners prizes worth a total of nearly 4000,-euros which. Tirelessly, industrious workers on the Multilane highway transport food and building materials in the huge building. At once an obstacle falls across on the road! Now a rescue squad is, to remove the obstacles. Shortly thereafter, the traffic continues as if nothing had happened… Unbelievable, what kind of exciting adventures in the nature every day at our feet play such as, for example, here at the industrious ants.

“” memo, the leading specialty mail order for eco-fair Office, school and household products, and the German nature parks have made it his now mission to lure small couch potato out of the House and to send on a journey of discovery in the garden, in the forest or on the schoolyard: all children between 6 and 12 years of age and all schools up to the 6th grade are invited to their research results “than to get picture or history paper and going to take closer look at the big show!”To submit a painting competition. Who will win the prizes with a total value of 4000,-euros, decides a 6-member jury (including comedian and actor Bernhard cusps). It waving a discovery weekend for the whole family, a 3-day explorers travel for the entire school and lots of product packages from the eco fair”memo range. The images should DIN A4 or DIN A3 size and history be not longer than one DIN A4 page. The back please with name and age provided. To participate as a class, have filed at least five pictures or stories to the contest and who provided the address of the school as the sender-the. By the way: For each participant there are pencils in the 6-Pack as a thank you a memo A4 drawing pad and memo. “The works of art and Forschungsbe do please send until March 15, 2010 to the following address: Association of German nature parks keyword painting competition” place the United Nations 9 53113 Bonn for more there is information about the competition under, the Association of German nature parks, 9 United Nations square, 53113 Bonn, Tel. 0228 / 9212862 or memo AG, Aboudy fork