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Why you do not make of the letters hobby of who needs to rest of the arduous profession, or why you want to enaltecer yours you endow intellectuals. But to accent the humanistic behavior that must preside over all social activity. I reproduce the estria that you counted in the Brazilian Magazine of Medicine in ‘ ‘ Reflections on mortality infantil’ ‘: ‘ ‘ Certain made, a woman of the people, bringing rolled entered us in the Doctor’s office in one chal, teeny human being in decomposition. Examining it we can count costelinhas to it fragile badly covered by the ressequida skin. Made an impression, almost infuriated, we ask the reason of that state, because it assents in that slow infanticide the poor woman, moved, confused, to the measure that the tears ran to it of the eyes was saying that it delivers filhinho to the cares of a criadeira, therefore needed to work outside. The criadeira, this word, was resounding in my ears with the insistence of an acknowledgment.

For one sees there that the main causes of infantile mortality if can summarize in the ignorance and pobreza’ ‘. is not only in the word, in the letter that kills, but in the action that vivifies. Your ticket for the Department of Public Health and later in the Secretariat of the Health of the State, and currently in the Hospital of Clinics ‘ ‘ August Dr. Leite’ ‘ in the Chair of Tropical Illnesses of the College of Medical Sciences d Federal University of Sergipe, printed and prints the mark of your personality. In the Hospital you started for distributing justice between the colleagues and servers, who the discrimination is the anti-man, and when it serves to project some suspicion of its merits and harms capable and idealistic. The Right is not a gift; it is an open good to that they are prepared, by means of general norms, without meaning of people.