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To the owner of the promise the aosparticipantes provisions of the feeding of the brotherhood and to the guests fits. The Assay is become fullfilled of the following form: in the marked day, noincio of the night, the danantes in six number the eight pairs, are congregated and voentoando conjuncts until the house of the owner of the promise or to the place chosen for this. dances happen of putting of the sun to the dawn, normally of the 18 to the 6horas, therefore, according to verbal tradition, the blacks did not have authorization to dance during odia. In the front, of cortejo he goes one of the men with a drum (foto7) and another one with a pandeiro. The manager takes in the hands the guides or reco-recos, bamboo small stick species that is beaten one against the other producing umsom typical. Thus, dancing and touching they arrive at the house of the owner of the promise. The owner of the house, that waits the danantes together with the family (photo 8), has in the hands a lighted candle.

In this hour its wife has permission to departicipar of the procession, being led the box of almses in the hands. The soconvidados danantes to enter, what they make entoando songs, beating drum and tocandopandeiro and guides. The Saint, that is taken by one of the women, is then colocadaem an armed altar in a table in prominence place. The owner of the promise convidaas people for the prayer, the children participates of the conjuncts (photo 9). For the half night it is hour of tero, when the members grupoaproveitam of it to rest and supper. Tero today is praid by the women, masantigamente who praid was the manager of the Brotherhood. This conjunct and the dances continue the night all (photo 10) e, to each hour and stocking rests per fifteen minutes.