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The result of the survey is to provide expert opinion – contains recommendations for future operation of the facility, and the reasons for the ban on the operation, the need for reconstruction, capital repair of buildings or structures. Survey and examination of buildings and structures carried out in accordance with the following legal documents: sp 13-102-2003; rd 22-01.97; snip 2.01.07-85 *, snip 2.02.01-83 *, snip 3.03.01-87, snip 3.01.04-87 etc. Building expertise: target goal, which poses a construction expertise is the creation of a coherent picture of the present technical condition of the inspected object. Examination reveals all of the current shortcomings of construction structures, both explicit and implicit, such as: cracks on walls, break or fracture of bearing structures, corrosion of embedded parts; strain slabs and others. The need for construction expertise occurs when the following situations: 1.kapitalny repair or reconstruction of buildings; 2.sostavlenie act of damage in an accident (flood, fire, collapse, etc.); 3.provedenie assessment examination before buying or selling an object property; 4.pri analyzing the causes of major strain and load-bearing structures (walls, ceilings, columns, etc.); 5.pri periodic evaluation and monitoring of technical state of the object. Inspection of buildings and structures: phases. Conventionally, examination of buildings and structures can be divided into three phases, which are interrelated and equivalent in importance. The first stage is preparatory, and is conducting preliminary site survey. Complexity and importance of the first stage is that now need to collect all the background information, including technical documents, passports, certificates of previous audits, requirements (if any) of the scheme of alterations and reconstruction (if performed) in the inspected object.