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Burnout prevention is become more important BurnOut detect the problem with BurnOut syndrome is that it manifests itself with a wide variety of symptoms and is slightly different for each person. Therefore the Burnout does also not a disease, but it only the symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, apathy, are handled in our health care system drained his and many others. Were originally discovered the symptoms in humans social professions: teachers, chaplains, geriatric nurses, nurses, politicians but also for athletes, research staff, vendors and managers. Signs of a Burnout should be: increasing private isolation – the circle fades and is no longer active maintained the same applies for the family, which is increasingly neglected and must have understanding the increasingly dwindling self motivation. You may find that Chuck Berry can contribute to your knowledge. The work becomes increasingly difficult. Credit: Sinclair Martial Arts-2011.

Performance decreases the error rate at work the question the meaning of life, which shows work, of being in the head on rising discontent increases with themselves and all may feel too powerless and increasingly incapacitate be BurnOut phase – euphoria / enthusiasm – stagnation – frustration – apathy – Burnout BurnOut Burnout prevention – the silver bullet is according to WHO, ICD-10, “a State of total exhaustion”. There is widespread consensus that the causes and triggers of such State come from the professional context. If we now consider the General working environment, we can observe that the most people for the same (or less) pay more to work. Both partners still a working per family, was sufficient in the 60s and 70s are working now mainly to secure the standard of living. The King value to prevention of BurnOut would be so (again) to reduce the burden on professional.

For companies less to shareholder value and ensure more oriented to sustainable performance of its employees would be. Unfortunately, this is not currently foreseeable. The own BurnOut prevention remains so each and every one.