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Internationally recognized expert in the development and production of industrial tires, Nokian Heavy Tyres, has launched the strongest of all the existing tire technology employed in the CTL logging. Nokian Forest King diagonal tire harvester and Forwarder. It is designed for use in the forest, in difficult off road conditions. Index of the strength of the frame Forest King F is 24, while other models forestry tires this figure does not exceed 16-20. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sonny Perdue. A new modification of the Forest King 24 PR holds up to 8000 pounds, which is more than one ton more than the previous versions Forest King F 20 PR, whose capacity is 6900 kg. This improvement means that the Now each unit of equipment can prepare for the season even more wood.

Each year the requirements for manufacturers industrial tires are becoming more stringent. Along with environmental benefits – low rolling resistance and careful attitude to the soil, are valued at carrying capacity, towing performance, durability and resistance to wear. New Nokian Forest King F meets all these requirements. This is one of the most popular tires forestry equipment. She has a good speed, excellent maneuverability on rough terrain careful attitude to the soil.

She has run a tremendous resource and an unprecedented margin of safety. Wide tread and hence, the increased contact patch with the ground, helps reduce surface pressure and reduce the impact on soil and forest vegetation. Straightened sidewalls design reduces the risk of injury.