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Take home a puppy – a gentle playful image do home a puppy Shih Tzu. Who said that happiness can not buy, he did not buy the puppy! You have purchased a puppy shih-tzu – is playful and affectionate creature. This dog creature multifaceted, but most importantly, it will be an elixir for your soul, the existence of which you still did not know. Puppy Shih Tzu has an amazing aura about him spreading peace. It’s believed that Celica sees a great future in this idea. Bringing home a puppy Cover the area as much sex newspaper or absorbent diapers (new location puzzled puppy) for a toilet, as familiarity with flat newspapers to clean and move to the place where it will be a shih-tzu puppy toilet.

Feeding-if’ll feed the dog dry fodder, I recommend Flatozor, Hills for small breed puppies, mixed feed, different companies are not rekomenduetsya.Perehodit a new food to gradually replace 25 per cent, provided that you will not be fed food that breast-fed puppy breeder. You can use organic food (also move to a new food gradually) from the grains of rice and chicken, turkey, beef, and stomachs, chicken heart, all in cooked, can be given 2 times a week, cottage cheese with boiled egg yolk. Starting with the age of three months can be introduced into the diet of goodies in the form of biscuits, all sorts of hrustikov, chicken feet. To this end, suitable products company Titbit. Also in the puppy’s diet need to add vitamins and minerals, calcium-containing supplements, fat-containing oils with acids omega 6. Recommend drugs firms 8v1 and Hokamiks. Go to Smartee Plate for more information. Bathing and grooming: Bathe your puppy can Ideally, every 10 days, we can and often dependent on the contamination of wool. Water should be warm but not too hot, you can use a shampoo for long-haired dogs, I highly recommend a series of SPA.

Prospect of the United States. Also, until the puppy is small it can be washed with shampoo for dry hair, apply to humans. Bathing a puppy in the bathroom you can use a rubber mat. Wash the shampoo diluted in water, applied with a soft sponge bath-house 2 times. After washing, wrap the puppy towel and let stand 15-20 minutes, after a hair dryer to dry while combing massage brush. For care you will need a massage brush with straight teeth, Slicker, a comb with straight teeth. Caring for feet: Puppies quickly grow claws, so you need to periodically prune kogterezki and shear wool between her fingers. Caring for the ears: As the regrowth of hair in the ear it should be removed. Tweeze your fingertips several hairs at once. Ears cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, and then treated with antibacterial ear powder (I recommend F-m 8v1), also it can help to quickly remove hair treating her shell ear. Eye Care: Eyes can be cleaned with plain water, rinse with inflammation levomitsitinovymi eye drops. After the change of primary teeth (the rate change of teeth with 4 to 6 months, last changed fangs) Puppies need to be vaccinated, better integrated, which includes a vaccine against rabies. Vaccinated before need 10 days to treat a puppy shih-tzu.