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She is not what we are on the inside and yes what WE MAKE that the people judge. That such to be more similar to us to the one relating in them with the people. Thus we will only allow that the people in them know they act agreement with the person more than that we are. Nobody guesses the person who inside exists of us if not to express. According to law of the attraction we only attract what we disclose and we project in the universe. Soon, if to want to be real, is necessary to face our reality without fear and guilt and this goes to depend on an interior work.

We will have that to leave our fancies and to live our truth, therefore to it we lose the connection with our interior, we lose in them of we ourselves. Concluding: Without the force of the auto-love we poison our lives with reasons. Reasons for this, that, that another one. Instead of living our lives, we start to justify the life that we are leading. ' ' One of great the evil of this century is that we give up us facilmente.' ' The people can see me different of the form who I am but not. Our division has left of we ourselves, of the other NOT TO EVOLVE IS TO BE ORQUDIA THAT LIVES OF ITSELF AND GENERATES the MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS. Today Taiguara Composition: Taiguara Today I bring in my body the marks of my time My desperation, the life at a moment fossa, the hunger, the flower, the end of the world Today I bring in the look distorted images unknown Colors, trips, hands Bring the moon, the street to my hands, But today, my weakened hands and empty They look nakeds for moons, for the streets In the solitude of the cold nights for you. Today Men without fear arrive in port in the future I have fear agreement and I look My dark room to you is inert as the death Today steel Men wait of science I despair and hug your absence That is it remains what me, living creature in my luck Luck I did not want lost youth thus I did not want to walk dying for the life I did not want to love as well as loved I you. Dr Claude de Oliveira Rasps? psychologist – email: c_lima_psico@ hotmail: blog: