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can be integrated easily. Customizable verification scripts tools station allow you to customize the user interface to make verification. Administrators can modify menus and toolbars, add new controls or adjust the station responsible for certain documents. This feature is ideal for specific projects which they require the use of additional verification tools or need to follow special rules. Scalability expanded company and ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 fault tolerance level also includes improvements to carry out projects at the enterprise level with processing distributed across multiple CPU cores at the same time (the system scale reliable to one hundred CPU cores). Architecture reliable and tolerant to failures of FlexiCapture 10 equipped with the support of Microsoft Cluster Server allows the server-based components of the system to be installed on nodes in the cluster of high availability to ensure a coherent operation of the system, eliminate bottlenecks and prevent loss of data in case of system failure.

Operations remotely and distributed within the OrganizacionABBYY FlexiCapture 10 processing complies with the requirements of a multinational working environment by providing powerful tools for operations remotely and processing functions which help companies fulfill their tasks of data capture and documents more effectively. Verification of data based on the web an intuitive interface based on the web for verification of data that does not require any installation and is accessible from anywhere at any time. To launch verification processes, the operator need only follow the specified link and log on. Simple installation of the scan station remotely scanning is fully automated and is done in just one click on the remote link. On-demand scan can be performed remotely from anywhere. Scan profiles can be handled locally by the scanning operator or forced in centralized since the server mode. Data capture based Email system captures data directly from the images sent as attachments in email, thanks to integration with the new Microsoft Exchange Server and POP3 email server. Availability and price ABBYY FlexiCapture 10 will be available for purchases worldwide through ABBYY partners.