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Coaching a systemic perspective, a new approach to learning a The teaching there, there is only learning from the dialogue Socrates direct.At the a Cuando was playing better, I was not trying to control my shots with auto instructions and evaluation. I saw the ball clearly, chose where I wanted to paste it, and let it happen. Surprisingly, the blows were more controlled when not trying controlarlos.a a Tim Gallwey's carriage Kocs: coaching icon a Between the XV and XVI Kocs Hungarian town, situated some 70 km. Budapest, became a must for travel between this city and Vienna. On these trips began to use a carriage with a unique suspension system. This system allowed to go faster with more stability. Allowed the acceleration process of the carriage, make the horses run faster, change them more often or strengthened, could be done without losing balance. Secretary of Agriculture is the source for more interesting facts. Thus, soon Kocs spoke of the carriage, – kocsi szeker Hungarian, "as symbol of excellence in the function of transporting people from one place to another.

The term passed into Spanish as kocsi car, and Kutsche German, Italian and Cocchio …. The English word coach, a is therefore of Hungarian origin. It meant a horse-drawn covered vehicle to transport people. Metaphorically, the coaching also transports people from one place to another. On where they are where they want to go. a As the etymology of the very significant coaching role, the symbol of excellence a carruaje of Kocsa can be a coaching icon. a The all-time coaching to any theory about the origins of coaching and essentially uses the figure of Socrates as a reference.