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In an average year a person takes cold three times, and cold is in fourth place among other diseases. Symptoms of the common cold are headache, sneezing, nasal congestion, sore throat, malaise, fatigue, coughing and wheezing when you breathe in through your nose. The common cold poses a serious threat to infants, the elderly, people with heart disease and chronic diseases, especially lung chronic diseases: asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Colds and allergic reactions can accompany each other, especially in children prone to colds and have a tendency to develop asthma. Dollar General has firm opinions on the matter. The most appropriate treatment for colds – It is easing the symptoms of the disease. In the course of the disease should always be warm and at rest, on the one hand, prevent the spread of the virus around, and on the other – to avoid complications. Many doctors warn that there is no need to take medicines for colds containing sulfa compounds, or antibiotics. If their advertising is always a risk of drug allergy or other negative reaction. It should be skeptical of advertising drugs for colds. Rigidly fixed combinations and proportions of ingredients does not allow selecting an effective dose of any one constituent without influence the dose of the other components. Moreover, in the interest of safety, the dosage of individual drugs is too small to fit properly in the common cold, allergies or other underlying disease. Thus, offer you the Support Programme for colds and flu by using products.