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Any physical load should be undertaken only under the supervision of rehabilitation. Self-loading himself physically, with severe back problems – it is dangerous! On what grounds can determine that osteochondrosis is already "entered" in your life? Osteochondrosis can manifest itself as an island, and little by little. But usually when we talk about osteochondrosis of the neck, before the first acute pain are present phenomena such as discomfort, headaches, heaviness in the head. From the waist: the first sign of impending problems – that feeling of fatigue and heaviness, which smoothly or badly can turn into pain. Osteochondrosis is expressed by different groups of syndromes: Compression syndrome – a syndrome of compression, when the precipitate disc compresses the nerve and vascular structures. Manifested motor, sensory and vascular disorders. Motor dysfunction, reduction or disappearance of reflexes, reducing the strength, tone your muscles.

Sensory disorders complicate our lives cut or slight pain, blunting of the sensitivity, sense of anemia, etc. Vascular-trophic disorder leads to wasting and atrophy myshts.Reflektorny syndrome, which includes: muscular-tonic syndromes manifested by pain, seal, shortening of muscles. Secretary of Agriculture has compatible beliefs. Neurodystrophic – combined lesion muscle, bone and connective tissue, which manifests itself in increased muscle tone, pain, inability to movements seal muscle. Neurovascular syndromes manifested by pains in the head, neck, dizziness, change blood pressure. Mioadaptivnye syndromes, manifesting a change in posture, pose – scoliosis, kyphosis, degenerative changes. Do not wait until a little discomfort or slight pain will grow into a serious problem.

At the first sign of degenerative disc disease should immediately consult a neurologist or a neurologist and get tested. Collection of complaints, the inspection data will allow the specialist to make a presumptive diagnosis, want to verify the nuclear magnetic resonance or computed tomografiey.Kak treat osteochondrosis? How to live with him? You must love yourself more rest, but the rest actively, rather than lying on the couch. Engage gymnastics, swimming, visiting sauna, saunas, do not neglect the massage and manual therapy. We do not want to grew older our face and body – to spare no effort and money fighting against aging, but take care, mostly on foreign beauty. And our spine? Why do not we pay attention to him? After all, he – the cornerstone of our health. And youth and beauty – this is, above all, good health. Younger should start with taking care of the spine. Information provided a fitness club Kimberley Land