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Show pain-free and affordable beautiful teeth – alive! In the past a dental implantation usually not only with extremely high costs involved but also with pain, and often to a treatment period of 6 months or more. MIMI – the gentle, patient-friendly procedure revolutionizes the implantology are the innovative, all-in-one champion implants with the MIMI-method. For even more opinions, read materials from ihor kononenko. This is not only soft, but also inexpensive and is often within 2 weeks of the treatment completed you can against laugh and biting vigorously. The MIMI processes proven over 25 years succeeds in use in offices around the world and is considered secure and proven method. New estimates of the result are in Germany alone each year more than 80,000 implants after planted this method and prosthetically sure supplies. Save time, money and avoid pain. By the minimally invasive methodology of implantation (MIMI ), the wound is healed quickly.

A lengthy and painful procedures such as bone structures are in the rule unnecessary. Enjoy the full power of the bite with the innovative, one-piece champions implants immediately – inform themselves on about MIMI treatment concept and get to know the advantages of Champions implants. Here will find one of over 500 dentists in D, CH and A! Show the life beautiful teeth! Dipl.-ing. Andreas A. Reil