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What is an electronic book. In English the word 'eBook' – an electronic book that is text and graphic information disseminated by the Internet. E-book can rightly be considered the best digital products, and also superior on almost all indicators of an ordinary book. First, e-books at a lot cheaper, since the buyer does not have to pay the costs of paper, cover, delivery, and everything that is included in the price printed book. A person who buys an electronic book, pays only for information, respectively, executed and structured for easy reading.

Second, e-books that exist in a single copy You can sell any number of times. That is when you buy the book file is simply copied. Again, the seller does not expend any resources on the production, which is very significantly reduces the cost of the book. Third, delivery of books occurs via the Internet, which again reduces costs compared to printed books. Remember that when you buy e-books, you only pay for information, and the price is determined by the value precisely the information, and not binding! Here are two types of electronic books that are most common on the Internet. The first type – text book, compiled from a text document and having a pdf. extension. If you have a book of several hundred pages of text, then you will need to compile your book in pdf format.

To read these books must have the program Acrobat Reader. The second type – HTML-compiled. Books created using the language of html, the language which creates a web page.