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What are the real chances of life of our business? Let's talk about a small part of the management consulting, which may come in the business conducted by us, poll shows that the founders and owners today, as never before, concerned about the financial situation of their firms, dramatically deteriorated due to the loss of sales, a decrease in demand for manufactured goods and the lack of bank debts. As an effective and practical the only method by which the business exists at least some chance to stay afloat, the first person company called austerity and cost reduction. Remarkably, the main course of domestic business just a few months changed from 'money should work' and 'important – increasing the market and winning at any cost' to 'save on everything' and 'cut and squeezed wherever possible' by choosing, in such a way, a complete about turn. Sources of the crisis hidden in the very nature of the banking area. When money loses its original purpose of the equivalent cost of production and are subject to various speculations such as debt under interest and exchange rates on the game. As soon as the vast majority of businessmen cultivated the idea of 'money makes money', replacing the basic principle of market economy 'money is the result of an exchange products or services provided by '- cash crisis as a brutal method of distribution of property becomes inevitable. That's because if we can not return the crises, let's see, there are the possibility of whether we build a business so that it was almost stable for this kind of fraud. . Read additional details here: Peet’s Coffee.