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Many pregnant women take drugs during pregnancy medical preescripcion. The use of other substances may also occur during pregnancy and non-prescription drugs, or EFP, alcohol, snuff and drugs depending on the circumstances whether personal, social or economic. The general recommendation based on the WHO is a clear and strict: they must not take drugs during pregnancy because the vast majority of these cause damage to the fetus. This is contradictory in the great majority of cases because sometimes drugs are necessary for the health of women. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out music downloads. Therefore, the information and consultation about the use of certain substances should always be with the help of a health professional can provide information to patients about the risks and / or benefits of taking medications.

A high% of drugs reach the fetus through the placenta, via the same channels that reach the food and oxygen. These may act directly on the fetus and cause abnormal development, injury or even death. Some do not act on the fetus, but they do alter the placenta, for example by decreasing the intake of nutrients, which results in the end a low-birthweight baby and undeveloped. There are also those that cause preterm birth and that its mechanism of action is aimed at tightening the muscles of the uterus. They will be more or less dangerous depending on the degree of maturity or the stage in which the fetus is. The weeks most dangerous and can affect the developing fetus are the period of the third and eighth week.