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The contemplation of one saves destructive; a philosophical conjugao for ' ' saudao' ' of ' ' treasons humanas' '. All time that I think about you I feel to pass for me a sadness ray is not a problem mine but it is a problem that I found Living a life that I cannot leave stops backwards does not make sensible in saying &#039 to me; ' The wisdom of a fool does not go you libertar' ' But it is as soon as the things are and is what nobody knows and to each day my confusion grows (Bizarre Love Triangle New Order). Lights out – We live in world of darkness. In doubt – Everything' s up will be sale. We sleep – All of the world is burning. We pray – You god will be to better deal.

Nothing is sacred – Back then or now. Everything' s wasted Is that all there is? Can I go now? (Judas by my guide Iron Maiden) He is well-known for some scientists who the treason is something summons in the thresholds of behavior of the human beings. We are trados, constantly, for ours, feelings, ideals, thoughts, people, society, family. But and those, that the right does not have nor to be trados? Plato said, that ' ' the treason is a principle of integridade' ' , therefore for more banalizada than it is, ' ' fidelidade' ' &#039 is an invention; ' of the men so that its desires were reprimidos' '. If until the son of God he was trado, it will be that then we live in a world where, to demonstrate attention and affection for our fellow creatures is necessary a touch of sarcasm and malice always with the objective of if using to advantage for some beneplcito of proper satisfaction, or some thing in special? The treat ones are lingered imprisoned, agreements, that promote the discrimination as ' ' Apartheid' ' in the South Africa, separating white and black, coated of classicistas standards and discriminatory for the uprising of the race white? To be faithful to Emperor Cesar, and to place ' ' Messias' ' nailed in a cross, being thus, it would make logic to continue with said popular, ' ' the voice of the people is the voice of Deus' '? To go to the side of what majority thinks, pra not to only be isolated? It will be that the proper isolation would not be a treason proper itself? He would be enfadonho to enunciate the flagellation of ' ' fidelidade' ' of complete form, being only a motor force of utopias for an income-producing solidity of embrutecimento of the relations human beings withheld in the universe of the dreams, in favor of a consistent and sincere affectivity.