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Combined are fatal. The sum is the problem. Stress and sedentary lifestyle. One leads me to the other, and the other makes me return to one. Together they are deadly. I wake up with time just for a coffee. Low-lift to the parking, lame car and I get into my daily caravan between whistles, works and some other accident. Work sitting piecework, enduring how bad milk from the boss who asks me results now!, I can engullo a sandwich in three minutes and go back to work.

I happened by the English Academy, not to be left behind in the labor market. I pick up the child’s piano class and come home. He wants to play, but I can not because it hurts your back. I’m going to buy ah no! that you bring me home. I eat dinner and I lie down on the couch. And among all this activity I haven’t done more than think and think about what I was doing at that moment and what they had to do (lot of sugarcane brain), then while he spent all day sitting or lying in the car, Office, sofa and bed (little physical cane). The result is a sick society.

Anxiety, pain, nerves, tension, impatience, irritability, low self-esteem, physical ailments, a series of symptoms that reflect the critical State in which we find ourselves. And the funny thing is that each of us know and can recognize our symptoms. Moreover, we are in the information age and we have plenty of tools that we could use to alleviate the effects of the epidemic. But we don’t react. Even many say that there is no output, that this pace of life that is and that it is impossible to leave him. Simple justifications. Who marks your life style? You or society? You are your own responsibility. The time of the change so Ponte batteries. You always have choice. You can be who recreate on how bad that things are going and how difficult that is out of the maze, to keep adding to your calculator estres+sedentarismo+estres+sedentarismo+estres + sedentary lifestyle + O can arm you with value, truly take charge of your life and start making small changes that take you to live it more fully form in quality and not on quantity. Are you ready to change? What are the steps that you give?