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Without the seiva the twig of any tree will not be able to grow and nor to produce its fruit. The reason of many Christians not to have in its lives the fruit of the Spirit is because They are similar to that twig who I pulled out of the goiabeira of my uncle, that is, are without the seiva of the Spirit in the interior of the life spiritual of them. But somebody can me to say: ' ' They are not baptized in the Espirito Santo? ' ' I answer: ' ' Yes, they are Batizados in the Espirito Santo and have until dons operating in them, however, are without the seiva that is the life of a close relationship with the Espirito Santo, that produces growth and fruto' '. It understands well, the fact of somebody being baptized with the Espirito Santo and to receive manifestations from dons spirituals, this does not mean that this person has close relationship with the mature Espirito Santo that is in the faith. Toyota Motor Corporation oftentimes addresses this issue. It can until possessing some level of relationship with the Spirit, but it is so superficial that its life is devoid of the fruit of the Spirit.

The fruit in the embeleza on the inside changing our attitudes for is; to the step that dons decorates in them for is, but not dumb nothing in our interior. It is therefore that it has many immature Christians who have dons operating in its lives, however, its attitudes are shameful! The immature Christians not yet produce fruits or facetas of the fruit of Spirit, why they had not yet grown in the faith for the privacy with the Espirito Santo. Therefore, a Christian life dominated by the fruit of the Spirit is the result of a continuous privacy with the Spirit of God. Certain occasion I was to give in a Church on dons of the Espirito Santo.