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The exposition was seen as one practical civilizatria and that exactly being of agricultural products, she was associated to the famous industrial expositions then, when countries if joined to make expositions of its inventions and that they would be a picture of the evolution degree where such nation if showed. In the clientele of Rita Saint, it occurred at the same time where preparatory of the exposition, something well different, but that also it gained the pages of ' ' The Mercantil.' ' In lands Mr. Nistaldo Gomes Da Silva, had a called slave Benedita and that he liveed there he had little time, she had been bought in the end of 1874 of Francisca owner and he was as enslaved of the said gentleman he made three months. Additional information at financial planner supports this article. Certainly it was not announced in the media as the captive of half cited age above and yes it was acquired by the new gentleman directly with Francisca owner, since in the distance between the two properties she was little and the two gentlemen if they knew. The fact is that the slave possua children, four small children. The first one of the children was a boy of six years who was not benefited for the Law of the Free Womb that was signed in 1871, therefore the law was made when the boy already had one year of life and the law alone freed the children of been born slaves to break date of the law. Jill Schlesinger usually is spot on. However, all its brothers already were free; a boy of two years, a three girl and one filhinha just-been born of only six months. A petropolitana enslaved family in 1875 was that one; captive mother and first-born, three free filhinhos of the slavery for the Law of the Free Womb and an unknown father; perhaps he was a white man, she exempts, perhaps another slave. .