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Perhaps no professional guitarist who does not know the names of Mesa Boogie. The company was founded in 1969, initially engaged 'upgrade' and refining combos Fender. But the real breakthrough was the use Mesa Boogie effect heavy overload as a result of revised scheme of the preamplifier. More information about the history of each brand can familiarize himself with desire, and we consider one of the most versatile amps – Mesa / Boogie Roadster, which you can 'feel' for rehearsal Explosive Sound What it is like? Mesa / Boogie Roadster – a 4-channel, or more correctly 4 full amp with a full panoply of all possible options in a 'head'. Featured Customers may also support this cause. Each channel has 2 modes of power (50 or 100 W), 3 different modes of sound, its own level control of reverberation, independent adjustment Level Gain and Master, as well as EQ (Treble, Mid, Bass). Rassmotroim more sound Roadster'a. The first and second channels are designed for pure sound. To deepen your understanding translation software is the source.

Both regimes have a CLEAN and FAT. Switching to CLEAN – you get a clean and true surround sound. In the FAT is dominated by low frequencies, making sounds suitable for most 'pure acoustic "blues. The third mode 1 channel – TWEED sounding similar to vintage Fender amps series. On the second channel of the third mode – BRIT – more like the sound of these amps like Vox or clean channel Marshall Vintage, and turning the gain in position '3 'clockwise obtain easy overdrive a la band AC / DC. The third and fourth channels are modes RAW, VINTAGE and MODERN including RAW has less distortion at a wide range of sound. Depending on the position of the GAIN knob can be 'getting the perfect' sound from clean to crunch soft. In VINTAGE mode you get a classic rock sound a la the band Guns'n'Roses. Finally, the regime MODERN – powerful overdrive to modern heavy music! The only 'disadvantage' of this amplifier is that it has to spend some time trying to find just the sound you want, since the spectrum of the sound 'American' really is great. Here – you can see this!