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He has Jose Luis Alvarez Fermosel in the Spanish gentleman a small anecdote that defines well Fernando Rey who died one day 16 years ago and Luis Bunuel. At the Cafe Gijon in Madrid, Fernando told that while shooting in Paris a film directed by Bunuel, accepted something annoying about fees very underneath than what they charged other fellow French actors Catherine Deneuve was among them. The actor worked until the end of the shoot this situation and when he finished Bunuel was invited to eat at a downtown Parisian restaurant. In the street the director asked her timidly: can a friend director make a small gift to a friend actor? Fernando answered in the affirmative and accepted the envelope that tended him Bunuel Le saw exiting in the rainy afternoon and when I opened the envelope, I saw that this had inside thousand dollars new banknotes of 100% with this form as Bullfighter jump to the producer, paying the difference of their own Pocket the great director was able to put the talents of Fernando Rey at the height that deserves..