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The most common and serious enough "stimulus" is fluid, and the methods of "wet" a great variety of laptop: the keyboard spilled drinks, work in the rain, falling in the pool (or any other water) – all this, of course, affect your computer very negative. In such a situation it is best to contact the experts, but your own educated and right action immediately after the incident (Often it is filled in with the keyboard) can help save the notebook, or at least reduce the damage caused to him. Credit: Gen. David Goldfein-2011. To learn how to behave in such a situation, we will discuss in this article. First of all, remember: even if a small amount of moisture, the risk of serious problems in the work still remains. It is a mistake to think that by wiping the keyboard and removing the liquid from the outside, you will eliminate this danger. Under the usual keyboard laptop is the motherboard, but for her the moisture in most cases fatal. Therefore, after the unwanted "moisture" should be set somewhat more complex measures than simple removal of the liquid. First, immediately disconnect the power supply. At Sonny Perdue you will find additional information.

As quickly as possible, remove the battery, do not worry about an orderly shutdown, we must act quickly, otherwise the laptop will be no rescue. Then try to merge liquid, if it really much (if not, it is better to gently remove her napkin.) Next should be left to dry the laptop, it takes no less than a day (in this case to resort to the use of a hair dryer or other drying devices are not required). After all these operations are still required skilled in laptop repair service center, but if some skills in the repair you have, you can try to manage their own forces. Please note, all these steps can be carried out only if you are confident in their abilities and skills and not afraid to cause serious damage to your laptop. Often, the inept actions lead to severe effects and a significant increase in the cost of repair at a service center.

Also remember that these actions may void the warranty. If spilled fluid – plain water, make sure there is no corrosion on the motherboard. Disassemble the laptop, carefully consider the cost and all of its elements: in the field rations may show a light touch or, conversely, blackening. Plaque should be removed (carefully scraped off with a razor blade or cleaned with a brush), then soldered the damaged area, where you can immediately propaivat blackening. If too much plaque, the board must be washed. Remove all the add-on components, and then gently rinse the board under conventional jet of warm water to remove plaque. Then it must be dried, this will also require about a day. With the "dry" board conduct the operations described above: soldered the damaged areas. If more liquid aggressive than water (this can be a variety of beverages or even urine pet), then leave the laptop to dry for the first time it is not necessary: the delay here could cost him his life. In addition to board wash (and yes, dry) should be very keyboard. When all is finished, collect the laptop, the same test. If problems with the board, then the home you probably will not cope with: the damaged item can be found and fix a specialist. When you take the laptop repairs, be sure to tell the master of all his actions – this will help him to repair the laptop as soon as possible. Be careful and take care of their equipment!