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Foundation of the German industry linked education justice with expert backup many youngsters reach due to their social or ethnic origin not the education corresponding to their abilities. They often fail in school. For example, leave according to vocational training report 2012 foreign young people so often double the school without graduating as German teenagers. As a result, training disadvantaged young people have great difficulty in achieving the entry into working life. Swarmed by offers, Cheniere Energy partners is currently assessing future choices. At the same time, training places in the remain unfilled. The specialist gap threatens to grow according to scientific estimates, up to the year 2030 on about five million workers. The model project company: Youth.

Cooperation with a future”shows the Foundation of German business (sdw) ways since 2009, which demonstrably lead to school disadvantaged youth and motivate for establishing a training. The project is supported by the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women and youth. At the Educational forum problems young displaced wasted!”pulled together a positive balance the Federal Family Minister Dr. Kristina Schroder with the sdw. No talent in our country may be lost. We have the responsibility to open young people with initial difficulties to cope with the school and begin training the chance.

“Only by working together we can build sustainable bridges into working life the young people who need a second or third chance, so like it the model project company: youth ‘ is managed”, the Minister stressed. “Because company: youth” has achieved its core goal: 85 percent of previously distanced to school young participants did their school. 30 percent of the young people who had little prospect of an apprenticeship without this support, already have an apprenticeship contract in the bag. It’s also a success of the project, getting only 13 per cent of the participants in the transitional system whose policies, young people no provide qualified training completion. Thus the number far below the Federal average is: according to the study education in Germany 2010 “48 percent of German training interested with secondary school in the transitional system, there are even 67 percent among young people with an immigrant background.