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After disagreements with General Petain, returns to Morocco for a while and then goes to live in Portugal where his famous statement to resign to organize the French monarchists, makes public statement he denied when, upon returning, said: coming to France do not understand renounce the ideal which I represent. Without actively participating in politics their opinions, he appropriated until 1967, in his well-known monthly bulletin of information, but in 1965, when the world was if General de Gaulle (whom the Earl had supported and sustained) would be presented again as candidate for the Presidency, reached a insinuate its name as a successor of the Chief of the free France. Subsequently, only on two occasions left stated his thoughts for posterity: in May of the 68, during the famous student revolution and in August 1970, when France celebrated the hundred years of the death of St. Louis. During the may revolution wrote a controversial letter to General de Gaulle, which constitutes a small x-ray of his social thought: the deeper meaning of this revolt is rejection of a society which decomposes and which is not accepted but by those who have managed to keep their privileges or their selfish satisfactions that are on it. The reconstitution of our society on new bases cannot be more an ideological dream, is a historical necessity. Only you, my general, can get the best for these serious circumstances France. The situation excludes violence and adventure, she requires a political decision. To read this missive no doubt completes us: his death leaves a huge vacuum in French politics..