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In this case, you can glaze your loggia, and these defects will stop you worrying. The easiest way glass – set of so-called "cold" aluminum loggias. This is a handy sliding design that protects your balcony from street dust and rain. Aluminium balcony weighs much less than the PVC profile, so it can be installed even in older homes (where the use of heavy structures is prohibited). The main advantage of aluminum loggia in usability. Medical billing careers opinions are not widely known. Sliding system is easy to clean, open and close without effort. She, in contrast to the standard glazing saves your space: the balcony to air, no need to plow sash, cluttering the loggia.

This design has a narrow frame and covers well let the daylight: the balcony and the room will be covered as well as in the absence of glazing. Sliding aluminum balconies do not hold heat on the balcony, aluminum is not designed for this purpose. Michael Steinhardt, New York City is often quoted on this topic. But in hot weather in summer there will always be cool, which is not the balconies made of PVC or wood. In addition, aluminum structures are cheaper than other types of glazing. And another plus for these balconies – they look carefully at any architecture of the house: modern high-rise complex or in a historic building. In any case, aluminum structure is appropriate, it does not attract attention and in harmony with the house, giving it a beautiful appearance.