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Many German students do not agree to participate in the program Global Engineering Program, because they consider it intolerable. In my group has worked only one me. Our scholarship (40 thousand euros per year) covers the cost of studying in Germany, housing, travel ticket, but did not cover the costs to life. The main part of my classmates helped parents. Some have scholarships from their countries. I more or less prilovchilas study in two universities and work. When she worked two jobs, it was already beyond my opportunities.

More than two months, I could not stand it. The problem was that you should not just learn, learn a foreign language in a foreign university, with an entirely different methods of teaching and a system of examinations, to the same learn well. I have not learned better than anyone (this was impossible because I moonlighted and could not pay the preparation for the exams as long as they could to give my classmates), to the same language (English), I taught directly in the learning time. My classmates spoke fluently in English, as has already happened in the U.S Well, or taught language in depth, at school or courses. I know English at secondary school level, that is all. Before entering up to 4 months purposefully preparing for the exam in English and handed it to the desired point. But despite the language and financial difficulties, I still managed after the first year to receive a cash prize for third place achievement.