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Not more than once should mobilize the people by campaign, and that immediately after reaching victory not be must return to the country to make a second mobilisation. If you do a strong commercial campaign or a product launch and you ask your employees a great exertion, not you can immediately embark on another adventure that possibly your employees you cannot continue with the same enthusiasm and may they revolt. 12 If you take supplies of weapons of your own country, but you take away food to the enemy, you can be well stocked weapons and provisions.When resources are exhausted, the taxes are collected under pressure.When the power and resources have been exhausted, ruining the country. Depriving the people of much of its budget, while the Government for arms spending rise.As a result, a smart general struggle for desproveer the enemy from their food.

Each serving of food taken to the enemy is equivalent to twenty you supply to you same. Have a budgetary discipline and make a good financial controlling It is important but it is more important to gain increasing revenues. Obtain market share means depositing money to base weaken competition. 13. In a battle of chariots, reward first take that at least ten cars.If rewards everyone, be not enough for all. When it comes to encourage, not you can reward everyone, since there is not enough money or people take the incentive so seriously. It rewards the exemplary few performance to serve as a reference for others. Article 10 key errors in the management by objectives we defended the prevalence of personal goals above the collective.

14. If you use the enemy to defeat the enemy, you will be powerful in any place where you go. It is important to get help from within of the enemy. Employees of competition picks up to better understand the movements of your opponent and learn their fighting techniques.