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Basing itself on considerable philosophical and theological thoughts, it can be entered in the illumination of ' ' Yours olhos' ' that it convokes the presence of the human being in its dignity of carrier of the flashes of God. To meet with the other human being that if makes next is to understand that the existence possesss a perpetual bedding. In this way, the present article is subdivided with the following thematic structure: The poem ' ' Yours olhos' ' ; The eyes; For-in-workmanship-da-truth; Hermeneutics of the meeting; the advent of ' ' You eterno' '. 2 THE POEM ' ' YOUR OLHOS' ' In order to work the philosophical of Heidegger and Buber, authors among others consulted thoughts; he proves yourself as the chosen work of art – since that the present article longs for to emphasize connotations, aesthetic and hermeneutic, in relation to the act of look at-the-other in the meeting – the poem ' ' Yours olhos' ' , published in half electronic: July of 2011, signed for Luciane Moraes that, beyond this poem, divulged other writings its, in the cited virtual page, intitled: Implied mystery; Life; On mistakes, narcissuses and imediatismos. Below, call is cited in integrates the poetical text ' ' Yours olhos' ': ' ' Ah! Your eyes /Teus eyes is the pure consequence of the ascension, /S to the reflected o of the glory. (As opposed to snoring mouthpiece). /S to the reflected o of that everything can /E that everything sees. /S to the sovereign eyes /E I, am only plus a perpetual sobordinate of this your look /Teus eyes is the water of the /Que life invites the humanity to bathe itself.

/Teus eyes is deep, /S to the pure blessings of the great King. /Teus eyes is gifts, /Minha benign debt. /Teus eyes gives a indescritvel pleasure to me, /Daria everything to admire them for all the eternity.