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FAMILY ALENCAR the family Alencar is one of whom she gave origin to a great number of historical figures northeast, since the beginning of century XVIII. This family Alencar does not have Blazon in Portugal, therefore she has ascendants in old India, but she possesss Blazon, Shield and Weapons and some headings of nobility and War, as much in Italy how much in Spain, either even so proceeding in its last sojourn, of Alenquer, Portuguese city of the medieval period, important commercial port and of historical relief for the exit of navigators for Americas, also of the same ancestry of the founders of the city of Alenquer in the State of Par. Also blazon of weapons in Brazil does not consist shield nor, possibly, because this family did not have ancestry of nobility in Portugal nor was the service of the Portuguese cut here. It is considered that she is one of the families who immigrated on account proper, without the guardianship of the empire, therefore already possua headings of nobility in its native countries, bought lands and, therefore, not needing other passports, in this condition they are also the families Lustosa and Angelim. In consultation the Historical Research Center through the Project Immigrant, meets the Blazon of the nickname Alencar in Spain: ' ' The nickname Alencar represents the castelhanizada form of the Alenya Catalan and its variants Alanar, Alanyar and Alear, being the consonant catalane ' ' ny' ' , equivalent to Castilian. According to etimlogo and genealogista Jordi Bas and Vidal, the nickname Alencar (beyond daqui or beyond here) has a toponmica origin, derivative of the name of the place of where it lived or he was Sir the founder of the ancestry. In this in case that, this nickname if took by the place of ' ' Alenar' ' , a city of the Roselon, in the Canton de Perpinam, situated in the coastal zone next to the Lagoon to Canel between Riard and La Lagoon del Sea (the Aguja Cabdal) in the limit of this city with Los de Elna and Sant Cebri de Roselon. .