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Therefore it interests to write me on diverse histories because I am directly involved in the communities working in the area of the education. After these surveys we will have another vision of that it happens in the life of the people of the field, and with these visible results and becoming I publish such problems, can interest somebody to fight for this people of the field. In the disgnostic educational partner it consists: infrastructure, numbers of pupils, number of professors, pertaining to school advice, the projects that the school develops. I diagnosis in it also consists deficiency of the school as: structure of the building, pertaining to school material, library, room of video, house for the professor etc. Based you discipline on them and in the construction of knowing in the Historical Studies and Language and Communication to them of the Field we collect histories of life of the educandos of Cheap the Magalhes School, and on the basis of the stories we can observe the cultural, economic and social differences of these citizens of the field. You discipline for them of Language and Communication of the Field and Historical Studies was requested the application of diagnosiss it partner-educational in the research community. This activity occurred in the community San Francisco de Assis, School Cheap Magalhes km 95 north (Altamira-Itaituba) in the city of Medicilndia Par. The disgnostic gift of Cheap the Magalhes School makes a story of as the same one if it finds in infrastructure level, in human resources and material. Being educator of this school I am worried about such problems, because the changes in route to the improvement also depend on the pertaining to school body where everything and all they need is interacted relating the environment with the half human being. The studies on Methodology of the Scientific Research had beginning in the First Time School given for the Helena educator Rock.