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From the fact that in Belarus is increasing the number of agencies that rent apartments conclusion is that apartments are in high demand from tourists and travel esp. On allegations of Realtors, about 40 percent of apartments in Minsk for rent shall be. Indeed, arriving in Minsk more profitable and easier to remove odnokomnantnuyu apartment than to settle in a single hotel room. Apartment in the center city, which are located near all tourist centers, banks, stores will cost about 30 dollars a day, if you just need technical repairs and assembly. If you need a renovation, air conditioning and all appliances, the cost of apartments will grow to $ 50 per night.

The hotel is a room in high season or on holidays will cost about $ 150. Also, many companies who rent accommodation provide additional services – cleaning apartments, meeting at the w / e. station and the airport, etc. This business is profitable both for the landlord. And for the agency, which rents the apartment. Owner is convenient for him that find tenants, deal with all matters, the apartment is not idle, watching the apartment, its clean.

And the owner gets the money once a month for rent. Agency, in turn, offer several types of cooperation. The owner may by the agency to place an ad detailing the apartment. May enter into an exclusive agreement with one particular agency, in this case, it would avoid any problems that may occur during delivery apartment and signing treaties. Or may enter into a contract of trust management. Under this agreement the owner gives the agency 15 percent of the amount of rent. And the first two options require the owner to pay up to 40 interest payment. Client is renting this apartment is advantageous because it is cheaper than a hotel, and while he absolutely does not lose in quality of service. And it's possible to rent an apartment in Minsk on the day it is in the area in which you need to, but not where there is a free hotel room.