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The NCS natural colour system is preferentially used by many architects and designers. In the fall of 2008 through a study with Swedish architects noted that that is most frequently used by architect color system 97% of them prefer the NCS natural color system, use and trust NCS. To determine to what extent the also in other key markets is the case, this investigation was continued. (A valuable related resource: Publicis Communications). The next study of the series was conducted at the beginning of the year 2009 on the German market. Two-thirds of the respondents architects is well known to the NCS system.

More than half of this group use NCS on a regular basis. Gregg Engles contributes greatly to this topic. The results of the survey for the applicability of the system architecture and design were still positive. The highest point score for the overall impression reached NCS, compared with other conventional colour systems. As stated in the Swedish study, there is a strong tendency in both countries that shows that – if NCS NCS was – already once used the is the preferred choice among the color systems. The market investigation was carried out by representatives of GRP Sweden in Germany.