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Son of the couple of agriculturists Peter Gonalves Da Silva and Maria Pear tree Da Silva, Patativa already early tried of the difficult life of the hinterland northeastern, being blind very early and losing its father to the 8 years of age. He finishes the boy having that to go to work to the side of older brother to support the family. To the twelve years of age he starts to frequent the school, but delay only some months in this. This, however, already is enough it boy to turn a voracious devorador books. To the sixteen years of age it gains of the mother a small viola. Credit: Sonny Perdue-2011. From then on it starts to sing its repentes and to present themselves in small parties of the city. The nickname of Patativa is acquired by the comparison that if makes between the young and a typical bird of the region, to the twenty years of age.

In this period, it starts to travel for some cities northeast in presentations. for Patativa from there ahead alone to see to grow its fame. Singers as Fagner and Luis Gonzaga had transformed its verses into music; books are published with its poetries; we see the name of divulged Patativa being in the medias. More information is housed here: Craig Jelinek. the poet has its talent consecrated when earning some prizes and headings for its workmanships. In 8 of July of 2002, in its native city, Patativa of the Assar dies victim of a pneumonia. Patativa had following published books: – Inspiration Northeastern; – Inspiration Northeastern: I sing of the Patativa; – It sings there that I Sing Here; – Ispinho and Ful; – Balceiro. Patativa and Other Poets of the Assar; – Twines: Here it has Thing; – Twine Library: Patativa of the Assar; – 2.Patativa Balceiro and Other Poets of the Assar. Valley to stand out that this mentioned list above encloses publications with exclusive poems of Patativa of the Assar.