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" In general, the main objective "to maintain" parity with Russia economically developed countries, or better yet, surpass all in this matter. Stop! Maintenance of parity? Ie he we already have? Ie we already have these "nanotechnology" and, while at the "economically advanced" countries? Come on call me one! Dropping advertising "nanobots", etc. nothing remains. It is difficult … Maybe it's something so simple that the mind does not come at once, then let's see what kind of animals are "nanotechnology" itself and "nano"! I do not like to refer to "Wikipedia", but in this case to doubt the accuracy of the language was not account: 'A nanometer (nm, nm) – unit of length in the metric system, equal to one billionth of a meter (ie, 9.10 meters). Old name – nanometer (10-3 micron; notation: m, m) is one of the most frequently units used for measuring small lengths equal to 10 angstroms – recognized unit of measure is not part of the SI. It is often associated with nanotechnology and the wavelength of light. The wavelength of visible light of 380-760 nm.

The distance between the carbon atoms in diamond is equal to 0.154 nm. A nanometer is also the most often used in describing the technology of semiconductor manufacturing. Data on CD-ROM is written in the form of indentations (In English are called pits), with dimensions of 100 nm depth and 500 nm wide. " Information for CD-ROM was developed in 1979, interestingly, is not it? Let's look at not distant past. You know what a Pentium? Most likely, you will not only you know, you might even have to use it. Pentium – it's the processor. No, not exactly, but the "brand Microprocessor" will be much more accurate. So, this microprocessor manufactured by Intel Corporation on March 22, 1993. Of a list its advantages and technical characteristics, we need to select "process technology" or "production technology" which is most often written: 800-350 nm! Not bad for 1993? Surprised? Then look at the characteristics modern microprocessors! Continue? Do you have a cell phone? It is also a kind of "nano" technology! You can continue this list indefinitely, this list will mainly consist of the usual things for us and any "nano" robots and "nano" pills out there we do not see.